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Too many pokemon things building up in my house that are not part of my collections! Time to send them out to where they belong! I've combined some of the things from my old sales post to my most recent ones and have added a few games too! Please take a look!

Some of what you'll find includes, Kids! Ichiban Kuji! Games! and other random items!

- Sales permission grandfathered byentirelycliched
- Follow all community rules.
- I can refuse to sell to anyone for any reason
- No refunds unless I personally made some sort of mistake.
- I ONLY accept paypal payments
- I ship from the U.S. and WILL ship internationally
- All prices listed are without shipping and in USD
- Shipping costs will include the cost of the item being shipped along with their shipping materials and paypal fee
- I will hold items for 24 hours max.
- If you say you want an item/items and I don't get payment within 24 hours I will assume you don't want the item(s) and sell them to the next person who wants them.
- I don't normally accept trades but you can always try!
- I will take detailed close up pictures on items upon request!
- Items come as seen in the pictures so PLEASE look carefully before buying!
- When asking for quotes, please include where I'm shipping to. It helps. ;3
- Do not PM me asking to buy things, it gets confusing! Comments only please!
- Haggling is welcome, just don't abuse it. ^^;
- Questions? Please ask!

If you think any of my prices are unfair, please let me know. I have a hard time pricing things and values may have dropped when I wasn't looking. >.>;

Please ask about condition if you are concerned because some do have minor paint rubs. I will try my best to point out ones with excessive damage. You may also request a cleaning of the figure before purchase! Just ask. I just didn't want to have to go through all of them one by one. ^^;

Clear kids $3 each
Sold: Vaporeon, Cubone, Omanyte, Magnamite, Jiggilypuff, Mudkip, Alakazam

DX Kids
$3 each
Except Dialga who isn't a kid apparently. XD He's actually a figure from a lottery cup!  $2 due to his what appear to be chewed up horn. :<

keychain Palkia and DX Dialga $3 each
Giratina and Dragonite $2 each.

$2 each
Sold: Both Piplups, Samurott, Tododile, Croconaw, Laying Manaphy

$2 each
Except Wailord and Quagsire who are $3 each
Sold: Dewgong, hand up Buizel, Remoraid, Mantyke, Wailord, Crawdaunt, Sharpedo, Tentacrule, Mantine

$2 each
Except vaporeon who is $3
Sold: Psyduck, Swinub, Vaporeon

$2 each except Marowak who had a nose smudge, who is $1
Sold: Gravler, Rhydon

$2 each
Sold: Steelix, Armaldo

$2 each
Except Leafeon who is $5
Sold: Victreebel, Lombre, Carnivine

$2 each

$2 each
Except the 2 growliths who are $3 each
Sold: Arcanine, right Growlith, Torkoal, Drifloon

$2 each

$2 each
Except for Charmander who is $3
Sold: Typhlosion

$2 each
Sold: Slowking

All $2
Except Mew and Mewtwo who are $3 each
Sold: Mewtwo, Bronzor, wobbuffet, Jirachi

$2 each
Sold: Venonat, Butterfree, Venipede

$2 each
Except Caterpie who is missing his tail! He's $0.50
Sold: Scizor, Scyther,

$2 each
Except Pinser who is $1 since he has damaged pinser tips. :<
Also ledyba is $0.50 due to major paint rub on left eye and will not stand on its own very easily.

$2 each
Except for Luxio and Manectric who are $3
Sold: Closed eyes Pachirisu

Pikachus $2 each
Ditto-chu $4

Left Raichu $2
Right Raichu $3

Umbreon $5
Absol $3
Houndour and Houndoom $4 each
Banette and Poochyena $2 each
Murkrow $2
Sold: Left Murkrow

$2 each
Sold: Skitty, left Persian

$2 each

$2 each
Left Munchlax lays down but it was hard to picture him that way. :/
Except Snorlax who has a marking on his back so he's $1
Sold: Eating Muchlax, Snorlax

$2 each

$2 each
Sold: Regigigas.

$2 each
Sold: Zubat, Crobat, Swellow

$2 each
Sold: Wingul, Crogunk, Gliscor,

DX Palkia $3
Infernape toy (missing tail) $1
Kids $2 each

Ichiban Kuji Lotto items!

Ash and Pikachu $40

Oshawott $10
Mew $20

Snivy $10 each (X2)
Charizard $25 each (X2)

Lucario (X2) $10 each
Pikachu (X2) $10 each
Eevee (X2) $13 each

(not lotto items but they fit in here better)
Flareon and Vaporeon $25 each
Eevee $20

Squirtle plush $25

Charmander plush $25

Bulbasaur $25

Fire type bandanna cloth $4

Squirtle Charmander and Wartortle keychains - $2 each
They are hollow and made of soft squishable plastic. Bootlegs? I'm not really sure. :x

US vending machine mini bouncy balls Groudon - $3 each
A scratch in the picture appears on both of them when I got them, and they aren't all that bouncy. They are about 2 - 2 1/2 inches tall.


Platinum - $20
Diamond* - $20
Conquest* - $15
(Not pictured) Soul Silver - $30
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky - $12
*Comes with case if wanted.

And lastly my shiny Charizard card

Asking $35 shipped within the US for this guy! He's super mint. I pulled him myself. :3

Thanks for looking!
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