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Anyone interested?

I found the Cresselia ZUkan on ebay (with thanks to Glacidia <3). It comes with a Manaphy and Phione that I don't really want, so I'll more than likely be selling or trading those two if anyone is interested. But I found one of the plushies I really want, which is the Cresselia UFO catcher doll <3 I love Cresselia and I'd love to own this plush, problem is...it comes with 5 others...


I can provide the bigger pic from the sale, it's a buy-it-now lot, so we'll have to act fast. I only want Cresselia and I'll take the Lickilicky, but would anyone be interested in the Manaphy, Phione, or Buizel plush? Including shipping, they'd be 16.00 USD each. Let me know if anyone is interested :)

Buizel: rosa_kaiba
Manaphy (open)
Phione (open)
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