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A whole bunch of gets + displaying settei?

So on Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Worlds and managed to get my hands on most of the exclusives (missed out on the hat and dice bag though)!  I also flew back home yesterday and arrived to a tooooooon of packages waiting for me!

This year's exclusive Pikachu!  He's super cute and super soft <3

Deckbox!  Love how great the quality is!  And the inside has a really cute "Hello my name is..." spot to put your name hehe.  It closes magnetically, and the deck holders can be removed.

The screen/lens cleaner works spectacularly!  Part of me wants to carry it with me everywhere but the other part doesn't want it to get ruined :\

The playmat has the artwork all nice and big!  I need to find a good way to display it

I will be storing all my lovely fossil cards in this binder, because Archen and Armaldo in the artwork awwwww yeah!

A friend opened some Plasma Blast booster packs that he got and was nice enough to give me the Lileep and Cradily he pulled :D

Kabutops and Omanyte pan stickers from caffwin, who I got to meet :)

Samurott has a little bit of a wonky horn, but is really cute and soft!

Serperior doesn't like to stand on his own, but he's very pretty anyway!

I caved and bought a 1:1 Emolga even though I don't collect it, just because he's so big, so soft, and was so cheap!

Woobat and Charmander pokedolls!  These guys are from the PokeCen kiosk at Tacoma Mall

Various Tomys from Target and Tacoma (Zoroark)!  Does anyone know how the American Tomys compare to the Japanese ones?  I don't have any of these guys to compare

Deoxys TCG figure and giant Jakks Zoroark!  Deoxys seems to be of a little bit lesser quality than the other TCG Kaiyodos, and Zoroark is really heavy!

All the stuff I got from the GA I recently hosted with herar!  Everything is amazing <3

Parasect settei from dewott!  Settei are the best!!

Stuff I got in a trade with gengareric.  Lovin' the Cradily <3

BEAUTIFUL Cradily poker chip from yumifun

Legendary beasts galore from miniokami!!

A couple things from badshines!  I love love love the Aerodactyl zukan <3

Kids from eledora! Shinx and Poochyena are especially adorable

Thank you sigiblue!  The Liepard Retsuden has been eluding me for quite some time now!

Last but not least, the Jolteon Pokedoll Figure from pokemontrader!  Worth every penny!!

This is what was available in Tacoma when I was there last Sunday (August 4th)

A quick question: How do you guys display your settei?  I don't want to keep them all in a binder, but I also don't want to use (sticky) tacks for putting them up for fear that I'll destroy them.  Any help is welcome!

Obligatory sales plug:
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