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mini sale & a tiny collection update!

Hii everyone ^^ I've finally found my camera and I have a couple of new things up for grabs, as well as a few older ones too, I've even got a couple of new additions to my collection - including a zukan that I have wanted for such a long time! Woop :)

Mini Sale!

- All prices are without shipping of course, please add your country to your comment so I can give you a shipping quote.
- All payments to be made in USD via paypal please.
- I will hold items for usually only a maximum of 3 days.
- I do take trades for items related to Piplup, Manaphy, Shaymin (Land forme), Mudkip, the Marill line, Pikachu (Certain items) and Buneary.

Pokekids! $2.50 each
Sold: Cranidos, Roselia, Roserade, Zubat & Electivire

Snorlax zukan! - $8 SOLD

you only get ONE of course XD
The one sealed in the packet is the one for sale, the other is the one from my own collection to show you how it looks out of the packet :)

Pikachu cup! - $5 SOLD!

Again, the one you will receive is brand new in it's box, this is my own one which is exactly the same to show you the pictures around it XD
The Pikachus around the cup are like, 3D and it's very cute XD
I'm actually not sure if it's booty or not, the box colours seem a little off, I don't know, the cup's very lovely though either way ^^

edit: I have another blue cup and a green cup available now!

The blue cup is on hold for friskavk until I know if she no longer wants one or not ^^

Sudowoodo/Bonsly zukan x2 - $4 each

action flipz - $0.50 each

action flipz folder - $5

Collection update!

Obviously the following items aren't for sale XDD These are my new items to my own collection!

Pikachu pillow!! <3 This is so cute, I love it! <3 <3 It's so soft and cuddly =3

celebi zukan!!!!! <3 <3 I've wanted this zukan for so long, and today I finally got it! eeeeeeeee it's so beautiful <3

aaaand I'm still waiting for parcels in the post, so I'll post when they arrive XD
Tags: bonsly, bronzong, celebi, collection, cranidos, electivire, golem, munchlax, pikachu, roselia, roserade, sales, snorlax, sudowoodo, zubat, zukan
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