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Update #2 to Huge Collection sales!

Hello everyone! I am selling my entire collection.

This post is for straight sales, feel free to combine shipping with anything from my other two posts:

For my AUCTIONS post click here!

For my ZUKAN offers and sales click here!

sales banner 2013
Here is my photobucket, have a look at my collection!

Sales permission was granted in 2009 by lineaalba.
New feedback
Old feedback (much more here!)


  • I only accept Paypal.

  • I ship from the UK, worldwide. To the US this is $5.50 for smaller items (charms, small plush) and $6.50 for larger ones usually (apologies for the Royal Mail!)

  • I will ask you for shipping and Paypal fees.

  • The condition of the items is clearly stated, however you are welcome to ask for more pictures.

  • I have a $5 minimum spend (excluding zukan orders, excluding shipping costs). This is because I have hundreds of items to pack up and ship, I hope you understand!

  • I do not accept trades.

  • If you think my prices are unfair, please make an offer!

I will accept payment plans, but as I move to uni on September 10th I may not be back home until November/December to ship. If your payment plan is completed by September then I can ship before I leave, if not you may have to wait some time for shipping.

 photo 2013-08-05144720.jpg

Head to my auctions post for any plush you can't find here!

Plush Sales!

 photo 2013-08-05150354.jpg photo 2013-08-05150333.jpg

'Special Collection' Charizard $15
more pictures

 photo 2013-08-05151956.jpg

Mudkip Pokedoll $20 more pictures

 photo 2013-08-05153558.jpg

Hasbro Arbok MWT $12 more pictures HOLD

 photo 2013-08-05152357.jpg photo 2013-08-05152401.jpg

2x Hula Pikachu from Pokemon Worlds Hawaii 2010 both MWT $15
more pictures

 photo 2013-08-05152156.jpg

2x Hasbro Beanie Charizards more pictures
MWT $12
no tags $8

 photo 2013-08-05152215.jpg

Little keyring Charizard $6

 photo 2013-08-05151829.jpg

Beanie Zubat $6

 photo 2013-08-05151846.jpg

Applause Zubat $4

 photo 2013-08-05152249.jpg

Burger King Charizard $4 HOLD
Burger King Gyarados $4
Burger King Arbok $4

 photo 2013-08-05152035.jpg

Custom h POKe' Bell Plush $15 (glitch Pokemon)
other picture

I thought this was hilarious.

 photo 2013-08-05152547.jpg photo 2013-08-05152539.jpg
Custom amigurumi Pikachu $15 more pictures

Metal collection, Minimodel and Stamp Sales!

Metal figures photo 2013-07-27103302.jpg

Ekans Metal Collection $5 each

Only middle two still available.

Metal figures photo 2013-07-27103559.jpg

Arbok Metal Collection $5 each

Metal figures photo 2013-07-27103945.jpg

Golbat and Zubat Metal Collection $5 each

Pink Golbat, Purple Zubat sold

Metal figures photo 2013-07-27104229.jpg

Charizard Metal Collection $6 each

Charmeleon metal Collection $5 each

Metal Aerodactyl and Keshimon photo 2013-07-27104346.jpg

Aerodactyl Metal Collection $5
Charmander Metal Collection $5

Keshimon photo 2013-07-27104350.jpg

Charizard Keshimon $6

Charmeleon Keshimon both $5

Charmander Keshimon $5

Mini models photo 2013-07-28153013.jpg

Charizard Minimodels $3 each

Clear orange, clear red, solid red, one purple still available.

Miscellaneous mini model-like figures photo 2013-07-28153444.jpg
Miscellaneous mini model-like figures photo 2013-07-28153449.jpg

From left to right, back row first

Large clear red Charizard (has opening/closing mouth and detachable wings) $5
Orange and clear red Charizard (both have detachable wings) $4
Tiny coloured Charizard $2
Glow in the Dark Charizard $4
Tiny blue Eraser Charizard $3
Big yellow Eraser Charizard $4
Smaller yellow and blue Eraser Charizards $3

Mini models photo 2013-07-28164432.jpg

Arbok and Ekans minimodels $3 each

Red Arbok, Red Ekans SOLD

Small figures photo 2013-07-28165108.jpg

Zubat and Golbat minimodels $2 each

Purple Arbok and Red Charizard $3 each

Strange Yellow Japanese Charizard $4 (Japanese characters on base)

Chou Getto and Ekans Battle Museum photo 2013-07-28171923.jpg

Regirock, Arceus Poison type, Charizard and Giratina Origin Form Chou Getto

$5 each (Regirock $4)

Ekans Battle Museum $3 HOLD

 photo 2013-08-14204714.jpg

Charizard Full Colour Stadium figures $3 each

Only middle FCS still available

 photo 2013-08-14204804.jpg

Charmeleon $2, Charizard $3 Flying Charizard's underside

 photo 2013-08-14204900.jpg

Arbok, Ekans, Zubat FCS $2 each

Chibi stamps photo 2013-07-28173027.jpg
Chibi stamps photo 2013-07-28173033.jpg

Chibi Stamps/Character stamps $4 each
Charmander, Charmeleon, Ekans (pink), Gengar, Rhydon
Arbok, Ekans (blue)

151 stamps photo 2013-07-28173955.jpg

151 Stamps $3 each

Charizard (green), Charizard (blue), Charmander (green), Charmander (silver), Arbok, Ekans, Golbat, Zubat
Gyarados and Magikarp SOLD

151 stamps photo 2013-07-28174257.jpg

151 stamps: Raticate, Rattata, Goldeen, Ekans without stamp coverings

$2 each

Stamps photo 2013-07-28174436.jpg

Charmander Character stamp $3

Charizard Retsuden stamp for auction here!

 photo 2013-08-01183113.jpg

Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard evolution line roller stamp $4

Kids Sales!

These are all fantastic condition.

Charizard kids photo 2013-07-28181938.jpg

Charizard kids

Normal pose $2, leaning forward $3, looking to the side $4, open mouth $4, attack kid $3 better picture of $4 kids

Charmander kids photo 2013-07-28182728.jpg

Charmander kids

Waving $3, Clear waving $4, paws on tummy $3, attack(?) kid $3

Zubat kids photo 2013-07-28192956.jpg

Zubat kids $2 each

Light blue zubat sold

Crobat kids photo 2013-07-28193001.jpg

Crobat kids

Clear $4, 2x normal $3

Ekans/Seviper kids photo 2013-07-30164335.jpg

Seviper kids and Ekans kid

Ekans $2, Curled Seviper $3, Clear curled Seviper $4, 2x normal Seviper $2.50 each

Seviper kid photo 2013-07-30164427.jpg

MIP normal Seviper kid $3 (with box)

Gyarados kids photo 2013-07-30164838.jpg

Gyarados kids SOLD

Dragon type kids photo 2013-07-30165105.jpg

Dragon type kids

Dragon type kids photo 2013-07-30165122.jpg

Giratina Origin form, Salamence, Gabite $3 each

Dragon type kids photo 2013-07-30165137.jpg

Garchomp, Flygon $3.50

 photo 2013-08-14204520.jpg

Rayquaza $3

Misc kids photo 2013-07-30165404.jpg

Misc kids

Politoed, Skarmory, Murkrow, Porygon-Z $3 each

Misc kids photo 2013-07-30165612.jpg

Registeel $2.50, Rhyhorn, Houndoom, Zigzagoon $3

Misc kids photo 2013-07-30165720.jpg

Wailord MIP $4, Gastly $3, Mudkip $3

Less good condition kids photo 2013-07-30165912.jpg

Less good condition kids - some scuffs/markings

Golbat $2, Golbat Clear $2.50, Arbok $2, Machop $2

Grubby/scruffy kids photo 2013-07-30170013.jpg

Very grubby/scruffy kids

Seadra $1, Clear Charmeleon $1.50, Fuzzy Charizard $1

Miscellaneous Figures - TOMYs, Megabloks, Jakks, Data carriers!

Charizard TOMYs and smaller figures photo 2013-08-01142254.jpg
Charizard TOMYs and smaller figures photo 2013-08-01142343.jpg

Charizard small figures - from left to right

TOMY $2, TOMY $2,
Metallic TOMY $5
Eraser-like figure (missing tail fire) $1.50,
Jointed wings (missing tail) $1

Small with hoop $2, small eraser $2, fuzzy $3

New TOMY, pencil toppers, FCS photo 2013-08-01142758.jpg
New TOMY, pencil toppers, FCS photo 2013-08-01142824.jpg

From left to right

Charizard new TOMY $5,
larger pencil topper $5,
Smaller pencil topper $4,

FCA (no base) $3

 photo 2013-08-01180530.jpg

Charizard ring $3, Roller $3, strange disc $1.50

 photo 2013-08-01180653.jpg
 photo 2013-08-01180737.jpg

3D pop-out Charizard $5

 photo 2013-08-01180821.jpg

2x Charizard Megablok $6 each

1 sold

 photo 2013-08-01181710.jpg
 photo 2013-08-01181725.jpg

Ditto, Charmander, Squirtle, Sandshrew, Pikachu Megablocks $4 each

 photo 2013-08-01181940.jpg
 photo 2013-08-01182031.jpg

Seviper Data Carrier figure $8 (on hold for marphoria)
Seviper 'spring' figure $4

 photo 2013-08-01182650.jpg
 photo 2013-08-01182654.jpg

Giratina Jakks $6

 photo 2013-08-01182727.jpg

'Subarudo' Giratina $5

 photo 2013-08-01182919.jpg

Giratina TOMY $4
Electronic Talking Charmander $6

 photo 2013-08-01183825.jpg

Sorry for the awful picture!

Arbok, Ekans, Gyarados TOMY $2 each

Ekans standee, Charmander eraser, tiny Mudkip $2 each

 photo 2013-08-01184027.jpg

Large Arbok $2, Charizard Keyring $3, confused Charmeleon $2

 photo 2013-08-01184200.jpg

Charmander mechanical pencil (with lead) $5

 photo 2013-08-01184150.jpg

Arbok, Ekans marbles $2 each

 photo 2013-08-01184450.jpg
 photo 2013-08-01184524.jpg

TINY Giratina Origin form, Land form $3 each


Shiny Charizard Kid to show size (and for auction here)

 photo 2013-08-01184720.jpg

Metal Collection Koffing $3
Tiny Seviper $3
Charmander with ring $3
Charmander figure $2
Charmeleon pin $3

 photo 2013-08-01184726.jpg


Flats will be added soon (Holo TCG, Clone Charizard card, sparkly stills from the anime, Shiny Charizard stickers, lots of strange stuff)

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