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Team Rocket cd up for grabs

I JUST won a lot of 4 used Pokemon cds on ebay. Here's two pics of them:

I already have the Team Rocket drama cd, so I was wondering if any of you were interested. I don't know the condition of each cd. The seller said they were in good condition, but that can mean anything. ^^; I just hope they play fine without any skipping.

The Rocketto Dan cd drama is very cute and you will enjoy it very much. This is the first (I believe) appearance of the fellow Rocket member, Mundo. I think I spelled that right. ^^; The story is VERY short. It involves Musashi(Jessie) challenging Mundo to a Pokemon battle. Musashi, Kojiro(James), and Nyarth(Meowth) both want Mudo's Ditto so it can transform into Pikachu (I think) and be presented to the boss. The thing is, Musashi wins Ditto, but Mundo wins Nyarth. Craziness ensues and a touching reunion. Even if you don't understand Japanese, it's not hard figuring out what's going on. Lots of sounds and voices help with keeping up. There are four songs included on this cd. The main one, of course, is the team's main theme song. Another song is sung by Kojiro, another by Musashi, the last by both. The last one is my fave. It's really awesome! The music is so dramatic and Musashi and Kojiro sing it beautifully.

Depending on how many people show interest, I will either sell or auction it. The starting price will be $5 if it's auctioned with a BIN of $15. If I place it up for sale, it'll  simply be the BIN price. This is a very rare cd and quite old. If you'd like scans of the inside booklet, I can do that. Just ask. :)
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