Lorelli Gishason (lady_lau) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lorelli Gishason

few small gets + sales reminder

I got a bunch of stuff in the mail today!! Mostly non-Pokemon but i did get 2 Pokemon packages ;)

First up, a package from badshines! Vaporeon clip is bigger than I thought but that's probably because of the fins. I don't buy for my Vaporeon collection often but I always love seeing his cute lil face. And Archeops Kid! Which I have been looking for since last year! Now I just need the archen one..

A better look at the Pokemon Petit Totodile hanging plush. It's very soft! Minky I think?

Great detail on the eye... and his cute lil hands!! So precious.

my only complaint is i wish they picked a better place for the tush tag..it's coming out of the end of his tail. I don't plan on selling this though so i might just get rid of the tag. I'd love to see the other Pokemon Petit plush if any of you guys got them! (Especially Johto guys!)

also, reminder of my most recent sales post. Nothing over 3.50!
Tags: archeops, totodile, vaporeon
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