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sales post!

After much consideration, I've decided to sale more than half of my collection.  Not necessarily because I need the money, but for more personal reasons I guess, plus I want to narrow the scope of my collecting anyway.

I've been a member of this community for over a year now, but this is my first sales post...ever.  So if I'm doing something wrong or can do something better, someone please let me know!

With that said, on to the sales!

Sales Policy:
- I'm selling everything for what I paid for it, but if the price seems too high, feel free to haggle.
- Not open for trades at the moment.
- It's my right not to sell to you, so if you have tons of negative feedback, it's pretty much a no-go.
- I only accept PayPal.
- If you're paying with a debit/credit card, please let me know as there will be a $0.50 paypal charge.
- Only shipping within the U.S via First Class Mail. (unless someone wants to help me out greatly with how to ship internationally, but I've never shipped anything out of the country, that's why I'm a little wary.)
- Will hold items for 3 days if asked nicely.

JAAKS plush, (none with tags): Pikachu, Mantyke, Wobbuffet, Chatot, Bonsly, Sudowoodo, Buneary, Manaphy, Meowth, Butterfree, Croagunk. $3 each [Pikachu on hold for yaoi_queen]

Huge Pikachu Plush. About a foot tall. Made by Banpresto. $25 [On hold for yaoi_queen]

Random plush: TOMY Jigglypuff (no tag) - $4, Banpresto Elekid (no tag) - $9, Squirtle (minor scratch on eye, no tag) - $4, Hasbro Gengar (with tag) - $4.50, Chikorita - $3, Electrode change to pokeball plush - $4

Large TOMY PVC figures (all with tags): Jigglypuff - $4, Blastoise - $8, Lapras - $20, Squirtle - $15, Elekid - $15, Chikorita - $12

JAAKS figures: Lucario, Manaphy, Squirtle, Piplup, Prinplup, Buneary. $3 each [Squirtle on hold for rentorar]

Keychains: Squirtle - $3, Squishy Piplup - $3, Wartortle - $2, Squirtle/Blastoise - $2 [Squirtle and Squirtle/Blastoise on hold for rentorar]

7-11 Bottle Cap Figures: Manaphy, Bonsly, Lucario. $2 each

Stadium Figures: Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise with stands - $2 each.  Blastoise without stand - $1.

Pokedex Figures: Lapras, Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise. $3 each

TOMY figures: Drowzee, Hypno, Lapras, Vaporeon, Poliwag, Squirtle (2), Wartortle, Blastoise. $2 each [Vaporeon on hold for kefanii]

Megablocks (seriously, why are they called that?): Voltorb, Electrode, Poliwag, Gastly. $0.50 each

Fuzzy buggies: Weedle, Kakuna, Metapod, Butterfree. $2 for all 4

Japanese Poke Beanz: Natu - $3 and Chikorita - $4

Bouncy Balls: Squirtle and Blastoise - $3 each

Random figures: Glow in the Dark Blastoise - $3, Glow in the Dark Hypno - $3, Hydro Pump Blastoise - $1, Blastoise - $1, Piplup - $1, Chikorita - $1, Clear Poliwag and Bootleg (?) Charmander - Free with Purchase [Hydro Pump Blastoise on hold for rentorar]

Random Stuff: Piplup Throwing Pokeball Plush - $4, Blastoise in-cube figure - $3, Huge Blastoise figure that talks and lights up - $10, Squirtle lock and key - $3, Piplup mini gashapon machine (with candy) - $5, KFC Wartortle - $7, Piplup bank - $10, Mystery Dungeon 2 Piplup Diorama - $4.50 [KFC Wartortle, Blastoise in-cube, Talking Blastoise, Squirtle Lock on hold for rentorar]

If you want close ups of anything, let me know!
Tags: blastoise, lapras, pikachu, piplup, sales, squirtle, wartortle
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