baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

the shrews have spoken

Auction end reminder, deshu. :3

I just wanted to update everybody on my currently running auctions! The lotto plush auctions will end exactly 23 hours from now! (I meant to update at 11 but forgot, lawl.) I know there was some confusion as to when my auction was gonna end from foreign bidders last time, so here you go. Just figure out when 23 hours from now is and that's when it ends. I won't accept bids made after 11 am CST, so please get them in before that!

Current bids are:
Lottotina: $75
Gira Arm Clinger: $20
Shaymin Lotto: $32
Shaymin Arm Clinger: getting no love ;A; deshuuuuuu
Pikachu Arm Clinger: $14
Tags: giratina, pikachu, shaymin
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