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wheeeeeee collection update!

I got packages from Grrrowly and Badger_ftw yesterday ^.^ I couldn't post about them until today though ^^; work and such. Also. since my little sister was home sick Thursday and Friday, I won't be able to post anything until Monday morning. Again, I'm very sorry for the inconveniance, but my parents are kinda strict, especially when it comes to the post ^^;

Anyways, now I must show off. Latias commands you to click the cut

click.jpg picture by Twilmer

First off, I went yardsaling that morning and I found the Latias clear figure for 25 cents :o it was a steal, so I had to take advantige of it ^^

lati2.jpg picture by Twilmer

lati1.jpg picture by Twilmer

She takes some good photos.

First off, Grrrowly and I were involved in a trade, Starmie Gel pen for capsule pika.

grrrrrowly.jpg picture by Twilmer

I absolutely love the pika irl! And the freebis make me happy ^^ I'm so putting them on my notebook <3

nincadapik.jpg picture by Twilmer

My Nincada has taken a liking to capsule Pika. He kept inspecting it with his feelers.

and now...

pichudressup.jpg picture by Twilmer

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SLEEPY PICHU!!!!!!!! This was a trade with Badger for Totodile things and this Pichu is ADORABLE irl <3 Badger even dressed this little Pichu (now named Lalu) up for her trip here X3

sniff.jpg picture by Twilmer

Shaymee checks out her new plush friend. I think Lalu passed the scent test ;)

sleepchu.jpg picture by Twilmer

...Darkrai...WTF ARE YOU DOING TO LALU? Then again, judging from the peaceful expression, perhaps Darkrai's watching over Lalu's dreams instead of corrupting them ^^
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