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Sales Time: Reverse World Emporium

Store Notice-board 23/08/09:
- Plush, glorious plush~

Japanese Cards | English Cards | Figures | Plush

I'm happy to hold items up to five days.

Pricing and Payment:
All prices are in US Dollars. Payment is to be sent through my paypal: cfturner✭ - I accept eCheques, Credit Cards and Instant Transfer. Please note that anything paid for via eCheque will not be shipped until the payment has cleared.

I live in Australia, so unfortunately postage isn't the cheapest compared to others. Most flat items such as cards can be compacted into a non-bubble mailer with costs starting at $3.00. Anything else is $7.00 for up to 250 grams International Airmail. Unless requested, all plush will be posted in a satchel/padded mailer. Postage within Australia is cheaper.

For the most part, I post on Fridays as I tend to work evenings or have a day off and can get to the post office easier that way.

I accept trades! At the moment I'm hunting for specific reverse holos from the english Diamond and Pearl card sets, and Pokedolls. A list of Pokedolls I have and don't have can be found here.

Finished a transaction? Remember to leave feedback!. If you have a feedback thread, link it to me so I can do the same.

Japanese Cards

COMING SOON: DPt4 Dawn of Arceus, Movie Promos and more!

English Cards



All plush are near-mint unless otherwise specified and come from a pet-free, smoke-free household. All plush have hang tags unless specified. Swing-tags available on request for most dolls.

✩☆ AUCTION! ☆✩

Auction runs until the 27th of August at 0300hrs Australian Eastern Standard (GMT+10).

Banpresto Alakazam (2007) UFO Catcher, has tush tag - Starts at $10 (BIN $50) BIN'ed via trade to Tufails
Banpresto Kirlia (2005) UFO Catcher, has tush tag - Starts at $10

Banpresto Venusaur, has tush tag - $30 or best offer
Banpresto Blastoise, has tush tag - $30 or best offer
Banpresto Charizard, has tush tag - $30 or best offer

Banpresto Gallade, has tush tag - $25
Banpresto Roselia, has tush tag - $10
Banpresto Roseraid, has tush tag - $15

Banpresto Empoleon, has tush tag - $15
Banpresto Electivire, has tush tag - $10
Banpresto Magmortar, has tush tag - $10

Banpresto Shieldon, no tush tag - $10
Banpresto Dragonite, has tush tag - $20
Banpresto Mudkip, has tush tag - $15

Banpresto Rayquaza, slightly worn, has tush tag - $15
Banpresto Mewtwo, has tush tag - $30 or best offer
Banpresto Deoxys, slightly worn, has tush tag - $15

Jakks Drifloon, has tush tag - $10
Jakks Drifblim, has tush tag - $10
Banpresto Luxray, has tush tag - $30 or best offer
Banpresto PorygonZ, has tush tag - $20
Jakks Duskull (Original Issue), has hang tag - $10

Tags: cards, figures, kids, plush, sales, zukan
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