Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

group buy? :o

anyone interested in this as a group buy? I'm really only interested in the Skymin -- but who isn't these days? the auction runs for $40 shipped so I was thinking $5 a piece plus around $2 shipping if that's okay? I won't buy until they've all been claimed, and as a heads up, I will need the money before purchasing since I haven't got enough funds to cover it all by myself. (if that's not allowed, let me know ^^;) here's a claimed list!

Sky Forme - taycs
Land Forme - regen
Origin Forme - regen
Another Forme - regen
Pikachu - available!
Piplup - available!
Magnezone - bureiru
RegigigigigigigigigTL;DR - olesvenson

as far as the playset goes, um... idk? I'm not especially interested so I guess I'll post again when it gets here, and people can grab it if they want. anyway, have a great week!
Tags: giratina, magnezone, pikachu, piplup, regigigas, shaymin, skymin
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