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Hi guys I have a serious problem right now and I don't really know what this is all about so I'm turning to you for some help.

You might remember there was a sale for the Giant Lugia Plush a couple of weeks ago, I bought him and finally the package came today, however since the seller is away now for a couple of weeks and I can't very well phone a person in America as it might cost something silly like $60 I need to know this, I couldn't get the package today as a certain piece of paper said that I had to pay £79.03 (which is aprox $160!!) for:

Import VAT

I was like: WHAT? The man who delievers the package was nice and all but whats this about? Has anyone got anything like this before? I never got told I had to pay this T_T, I will have to pay it which really annoys me because I was set to buy some pokemon items from members here (which I have to find out if I can still in a couple of hours, so I'll get back to you guys soon!) Whats really annoying is that he'll come back tomorrow and ask for the money then the next day and ask, then its back to the sender so I have 2 days left after this!
Is this the UK's doing? Or the sellers? If so I have yet another reason to get out of this country -.-

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can tell me about this!

(I'm sorry if this post is not allowed, Its just I have no-where else to turn to...)
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