baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

winners of the auctions!

robocoon, total for Lottotina and Giratina arm clinger (with shipping): $104
sugargerbil, total for Shaymin lotto: $48
almiraswolf total for Shaymin arm clinger: $24
bugbyte, total for Pikachu arm clinger: $17

For the record guys, I really got raped last time I shipped plushes on paypal fees and postage, which is why they're a bit higher than I used to do. I've learned that shipping bigger items always costs more than you guess. x_x I spent about $25 more dollars than I thought I'd have to, that was not fun.

Thanks for everybody who bid! I hate ebay lately and I'd much rather do it on the comm. If you could all send your payment to kefanii at hotmail dot com, that'd be awesome. Unless you're paying with a MO, and then you can message me for my address.

Have a nice day, folks. 8D
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