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MYSTERY SNORLAX! :O Help wanted <3

Hellooo all! :D Today a Snorlax plushie arrived for me that I had been very worried about (LONG STORY INVOLVING A LYING SELLER AND SAN JOSE). But he got here along with a bunch of cards that were also in the lot! :D I need help identifying him, so take a look please? :D

But first a couple things I recieved from comm members last week! :D

Traded for this card with wolvenillusion thank you again! :D It's cuuute. <3 This is my scan btw. ;D

These promo keychains are from kefanii! :D They come in about a dozen colors if you are not familiar with them. I have three now! :D

Now on to the new cards that arrived today with MYSTERY LAX (Yes I am saving the best for last :P)

The Charizard and Ancient Mew are two that I knew I was definitely keeping. The Mew is the American one. :D Does anyone know what set Charizard is from or how old it is?

These ones I am probably keeping too because I like them and don't have them, but if you REALLY want one, lmk in AIM or something, k? :D

Blastoise and Venusaur are in the same set as Charizard. Where is Ho-Oh from?

These ones I would definitely sell/trade to anyone who wanted them, since I have them. :D

And here is Fushigi-Lax :D

Look how cute he is! :D <3333 I have seen him for sale ONCE before I got this one, but it was located in the Phillipenes and I could only pay with a German Bank Transfer. @_@ So naturally when I see this for sale from someone in the US I get it. :D IT TOOK FAR TOO LONG TO ARRIVE but he is mine. <3 Has anyone ever seen it before?

I ask because his tush tag is removed. :( It was removed well, but it leaves me with no info on him. xD

I am STRONGLY reminded of Booty-Lax. Does anyone remember him? ;D I would take comparison pics but Booty is all packed away for moving day on Friday. But I do have THIS!

This is Booty Lax (Shiny) and the Hasbro Beanie.

What do you guys think? I figured that if anyone knew it would be here. <3
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