Amber (ambertdd) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I received a couple packages while I was at the fair. :3 Once of them is at the post office and needs to be picked up though.

Any for anyone interested, the fair entry is over here:

I never took them out to the fair because I didn't want to run the risk of getting them dirty. :<

Funnel Cake: This dashboard is dusty, how often did you say your family uses this truck?
Amber: Once a year or so for this fair now that Dad doesn't go hunting. |D
Malaria: Ooooh, look at all the cars. We're moving so fast. 8D

Funnel Cake: Why did you throw us in here for two days? You think we like being jammed in your bag then being locked in a closet?
Amber: I needed to get rid of extra weight, the bag was hurting my shoulder way too much. :<
Malaria: There's spiffy stuff to look at in here. :3

Funnel Cake: It took you a day to let us out? B| This place is tiny, where do you sleep?
Amber: You're standing on my bed sorta.
Malaria: *falling asleep*

Malaria: I'ma sleep now.
Funnel Cake: And your brother sleeps up here. XD Nice.

Malaria: Heeey, look what came while we were gone! :O

Malaria: Yaaaay! A new little friend!
Funnel Cake: Ugh...

EDIT: Taking out part of the entry, it's still up on my personal journal though.
Tags: collection, giratina
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