Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some gets + Collection websites sharing + a Shiny :3

So let's go for the gets

¤ from Sunyshore
Very cute! I Don't know what to add to what has already been said about those Pokédolls x)

Still Shiny Genesect (and there will be another one below ^^).
The Zukan is a bit difficult to keep standing. It always falls :/

¤ from shiningmew
Very cute faces :3 Thank you again.

¤ from coldrig
Very well made I love them <3 And I'm sad missing the first set :'(
Thanks for your good prices ;)

¤ from mintmittins
I think I fell in love with Ekans. I didn't imagine I would love this figure as much. In fact Shiny Arbok is one of my favorite Pokémon but I prefer Ekans to normal Arbok.
And I don't regret the extra Seadra well detailed.
(If someone know their release dates o/)
Also your very good communication has been very appreciated, thank you :3

¤ from Gin's Goodies GA headed by herar
And I love it too. Thanks.
By cons I don't know what it is xD
Since he almost has the same pose as the Tomy MC one (but twice bigger), with Gin we think it's a Takara Tomy figure. But no more information. So if you could help me o/

¤from +Poke Box+
Awesome !!!!
Sylveon is so cute and complete the Eeveelutions set.
But this Shiny Ninetales !!! OMG ! I'm in love <3

And few days later
So cute !!!!!! (all what she makes is cute lol)
I think G1 pin is my favorite due to the Pokémon and cute faces.
But G3 pin colors are just stunning !

¤ from AmiAmi
Some cards packs.
I bought them for Mewtwo and Red genesect card and coin.
In the end I keep other cards but I forgot to take photos ><

Kimewaza BW5 Kids Box
I wanted one copy of each, so all goes well

The Eeveelutions. Very cute! (it's me or I always use this word ? lol)
Umbreon's rings and Espeon's orb painting seems made of rhinestone. It's really nice :3

The others ^^
They are pretty cool too. I love Pikachu's iron tail :3

D-Arts Venusaur.
Very beautiful and I think that what I like most are the lianas ^^ Probably my favorite among the three Starter.

You can find more pictures on my collection website:

# So by talking about that, I now propose you that we share our collection websites.
In fact it's an idea that I nabbed to ktmonkeyj ^ ^
Because I found it interesting when I read her post and it permits discovering other collections.
So if you want to add my website to your links and want me to do the same, feel free to copy my banner and give me yours o/

# And finally, the Shiny !
This is not a plush or a figure but just a virtual Tornadus (Shiny Tornadus however lol)
But as I collect Shiny Pokémon in game I thought he had his place here too.
Especially that it's my first G5 Shiny after more than 2 years without finding one (in fact I found one but the rival killed him in Castelia Sewers...a long story ><).
So I am very happy to finally got it. I love his colors <3

Thank you for reading.
I hope there are not too many language mistakes (especially as I'm a bit tired)
So good day/night everyone o/
Tags: blastoise, charizard, eeveelution, ekans, genesect, mew, mewtwo, ninetales, pikachu, seadra, sylveon, tornadus, venusaur

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