Lissie (mamoswine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collections, and a smallish sales post!

Hey y'all. :D
...I dont really have anything to say durrr. I just want to show everyone how my collection is set up.

So you see, I'm a bit of a cheapo, so I elevate stuff on boxes, mostly Kids' boxes. I think it works out all right. :D Yay for working with what you got?

These are how my pigs are going btw. Still need to buy new zukan and Mamoswine's Tomy.

lololz I put stuff I dunno where to put on my bottom/misc. Pokemon shelf... so it's a mess. ;_; Again more boxes.

Does anyone else use boxes/packaging to display their collection? Or am I just cheap?

Wheee I have some things to sell too. :D Not a lot... but still some stuff!

POLICIES! Please read. :D
-Only accepting PayPal; sorry!
-I can ship worldwide.
-I will hold for 4 days.
-Shipping for pokedolls is $3, and everything else $2, no matter where you live.

Pokedolls! Both have tags and Pikachu is like new... Rayquaza I was a tard and cut a thread that connects him. boooo Otherwise, they're both fine.
Pikachu- $14
Rayquaza- $7.50

Misc. figures
Whiscash & Carnivine chou get- $3 ea.
Mareep kid (has some stains on her wool and a bit of paint chipped off her nose)- $3
Gimpy Giratina zukan (picture shows all)- $3

That's all. :D
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