Tuesday (glacidea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

 Just wanted to let everyone know that today (or rather yesterday since it's after Midnight here) I shipped out everything to everyone who paid and people I did a trade with :) 7 packages in total. I don't remember everyone's screen names, though ^^;

And to make this entry less short, have my custom plush ;) I haven't shown these off here yet. Just a warning, the lighting kills most of these >< they look SO MUCH better irl

My first commission ever. They wanted a Tentacool plushie. I managed to make a lot of people think that Tentacool is cute with this on DA XD the tentacles are beanie and have wire in them so that they can be posed.

One of my better plushies, I love the pattern for this one. Again, the photo KILLS this plush. This was my first international order and customs had fun with-holding this dangerous item >< then again...I guess Typhlosions CAN be dangerous XD

Pachirisu Commission. I love the tail X3

The infamous Squirtle Plushie. I really wasn't impressed with this when I made it, but everyone loves it and I eventually started to as well ^.^

One of the best plushies I've made. This plushie gave me SO MUCH TROUBLE to make, especially since I was using an unfamiliar material, but I think the results paid off ^^; This plushie also made me realize that Linoone had an arrow on it's head >.< I had no idea before XD

Nincada plushie! I made this for myself since I absolutely adore the bug <3

Sandslash plushie that gave me a ton of trouble >.< this looks a lot better and fuller (back spikes) irl.

Not Pokemon, but I love this plushie of my little OC

Gin commissioned this one :3 I really adore how it came out, but it took me some time to make ^^;

Quickie Darkrai after watching the 10th movie. It's my biggest plushie and one of my favs. He's also very cuddly <3

Chibi Zangoose! I hated to part with this one <3 I still haven't gotten my end of the trade for this plushie, though, >< 

Glaceon Plushie trade. I am SO proud of how that head peice came out ;3;

Ridiculous chibi shiny mudkip which has found a new home with someoone :3

That's not all the ones I've made, but just a few ^^; I hope you enjoyed them. I only have two of the ones I've made with me ^^; I'm in a bit of a sewing slump, but I'm slowly coming out of it, thank god.
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