Aerisyka Vandekamp (straydogstarbck) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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Hey guys. I've been away from the computer for the better part of a couple weeks, missing Sunyshore updates and every other sale and post in the meantime. I'm really wanting to get the Skymin and Floatzel kids that were recently released, but since Sunyshore's out of stock I have no real other source. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone here has them up for sale, or could point me to a (reasonably priced?) online store or something, it'd be greatly appreciated. I cannot pay by paypal, nor do I have a Crescentshop/SMJ account. I know, it's inconvenient.

I'm also interested in any other Skymin, Mightyena, Leafeon, Umbreon or Absol items, along with the "angry" Buizel kid, so let me know if you've got stuff.

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