Kenna (ivyaggron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MIP Tomys and Arcanine Marble Launcher Auction Reminder

Just a reminder that the auctions for my Azumarill/Ursaring MIP Tomy figures and Arcanine marble launcher are ending in less that 16 hours! The Arcanine marble launcher has no bids and the rare MIP Tomys are going for cheap! Come and get 'em! c; (WARNING: The post is image heavy cause I smooshed a re-intro in there. ;u;)

Also, I'm always looking for Karrablast items I don't have!
(Mostly the AEON badge and silver metal figure~)
Stuff I already have is here:

Karrablast AEON BadgeSilver Karrablast Figure

Thanks guys and have a good night!
Tags: arcanine, azumarill, karrablast, ursaring
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