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Sales Open Again

I could do with some money in my paypal this coming week, so I'm opening up my sales. Please note that like last time, there will be a $20 minimum on non-flats, to maximise the packages I can afford to take to the post office. My postage day is Wednesday. Any payments unreceived by then will be postponed or maybe refunded.

Lots of stuff here is new, including the selling of my whole Ponyta collection, including the Pokemon Time Plush, Poro Dice, VS Cards, Kids and more.

[ R u l e s ]
♥ Sales permission granted by dakajojo, 3rd July 2011.
♥ I ship from Australia. Please see postage info below.
♥ Prices in USD. Not inclusive of paypal fees or postage.
♥ $20 minimum purchase for non-flats - not including postage fee.
♥ Trades - Offer eeveelutions only. Especially standing Sylveon kid.
♥ No holds.
♥ Payment due within 24 Hours.
♥ Paypal, Australian bank transfer or Australian money orders only.

[ P o s t a g e ]
♥ Please note that I am shipping from AUSTRALIA. Shipping to the US starts at $13.70 AUD (roughly $12.20 USD right now)  for non-flats.This is for up to 500g. Aussie packages of the same nature go for $6.95 AUD.
♥ Most packages will be under 500g. To give you some idea, I can usually ship 3-4 Banpresto regular sized plush for this price.
♥ Prices shown do not include insurance, tracking etc. I cannot be held responsible for missing packages if you do not purchase them. Ask if you need them.
♥ Please see the below table for international postage rates. All prices are in AUD.

Quick Guide
Zone 2: Japan, China...
Zone 4: US, Canada...

Zone 6: UK, Spain, France, Germany...

All Zones:

[ M i x e d . L o t s ]

Ponyta/Rappidash Lot - $60 OBO
Includes the Pokemon Time plush MWT, Jakks Ponyta Figure, Pontya Kneeling Kid, Rappidash Kneeling Kid, Rappidash Smokey Kid, Rappidash FCS, Blue Ponyta Poro Dice, Blue Rappidash Poro Dice, three VS cards, two Cardass cards, two Amada stickers, two Wizards Stickers, one Flipz, one Topps card, two Japanese pogs and one Ponyta Walkie Bead sprite.Combined value is probably a lot more than this. But I would like to see the whole collection go to a new home. I will NOT split this up unless someone offers a substantial amount for one/a few of the items in that I can still make the remainder back with the other items easily. All can be posted under the 500g limit.

[ P l u s h + F i g u r e s ]

Rare Pokemon Center Dreamworld Oshawott Plush - $70
Reduced, I'm not planning on reducing more. A very rare plush now and highly sought after. This one is MWT. These were sold for upwards of $100 on the comm in the last few months, but I'm looking for a quick sale.

Pokemon Center Xmas 2011 Train Plush - $30
Reduced. So cute and a super soft material. Absolutely mint with tags.

Pokemon Center Xmas 2010 Bell Plush - $25
There is a bell in the pokeball on the wand. Mint with tags.

Oshawott Plush pokedoll Pen MIP, MWT - $15

World's Hula Pikachu - $25
Mint with tags. Close Up of tag here and here,

Banpresto Electronic Dancing Torchic - $20
MWT but the tag does have some creases. It's almost DX sized.

Cresselia Banpresto UFO Plush - $20
Reduced. MWT.

Togekiss Banpresto UFO Plush - $20
Reduced. MWT.

Zoroark Banpresto UFO Plush - $10

Shinx Pokedoll - Good condition, tush tag only. Comparison with faded one. (Bought from someone on Pkmncollectors) - $30 OBO

Shinx Pokedoll - Faded condition, tush tag cut off. Comparison with better condition one. (Bought from PmknCollectors) - $25 OBO

Fuzzy Tomy Eevee Plush - Tush Tag + Plastic Loop - $30 OBO
Reduced. (I believe this to be the US version since it has a hang loop as opposed to being sold in a box. Photos of tag here: [X] [X])

Flareon Kyun Chara Figure - $15
Reduced. MIB. Can be shipped with collapsed box to try and keep it flat or in a bubble mailer as-is. I will ship in a box if requested, but there may be a postage delay while I find one small enough.

Kyun Chara Ichiban Kufi Figures - $10 Each
MIB. Lucario is sold. Two Eevees and a Snivy available. Will be shipped in a bubblemailer. I can ship in a box but there may be a postage delay while I find one small enough,

Banpresto Mew vs. Pikachu Diorama - $25
(Increasingly rarer now. this ones in great condition. I have the box, *I think* which can be sent flat, but it's not in the best condition. This would be sent disassembled and in bubblewrap)

Scraggy vs. Servine Battle Motions Diorama - $15
(Box can be supplied, flattened. Another angle.)

Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara Mewtwo + Stadium/Diorama Set MIB - $25
(MIB (Back), and items are in their original packaging, although the tape on one end of the box was cut for this photograph xD)

[ F l a t s* / O t h e r ]
*Flats and perlas are exempt from the $20 minimum so long as they can be posted as such!

Pokebox Drawstring Bag - $20 OBO
Blank on the back. Ink on cotton.

Pokebox Two-Sided Pencil Case - $25 OBO
Long sold out from Pokebox. One side fetures random pokedoll designs and the other eeveelution dolls. I paid $30+ for this from a comm member a couple of years ago. I should be able to send this as a flat.

Clefairy Line Lot - $10 OBO
All perla sprites by me. Middle two and bottom left are pokedolls.

Squirtle Perla Lot - $5
(All previously displayed, made by me.)

Pikachu and Raichu Flats Lot - $10 OBO
Some rare cards and stickers here. Probably cost me closer to $20 in all.

Stickers w/QR codes - Cyndaquil line are $3 Each or $7.50 for all. Others $2 Each.
I believe these are for the 3DS game or something? There is a scan-able QR code on the back of each one.

Pokemon Time Lapras Note Book - MIP. View of back. - $20 $15
(Exempt from the $20 minimum if you are okay with this being shipped in an envelope with a thin layer of bubblewrap for $3 =) )

TCG Stuff Lot - $10 OBO
Rule Books, Playmats, Score Board thingies etc. I think there are seven of each score board thing? Everything you see here.

Random Flats - $3 Each
N coasters are the same. Stickers sold per sheet.

Turtwig Shopper Clearfile - $10 [Back View]
Opened, no package. Originally bought in a lot. Clean but there are some light surface scratches. I have a matching shopper I can include for extra if you're interested.

Entei Settei x3 Sheets - $20 OBO [Larger View]
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