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I probably got it for more than was necessary to buy it for, but I have a giant lotto skymin!!
I was absolutely stoked, I found out on my friend's sidekick, so I couldn't be sure but I basically sat in shock for 10 seconds then screamed a little xD

Anyway, I come bearing some good news, and some bad.
The group auction for the zukan arrived just before I left, but as some of you have heard, there has been a lot of in-transit breakage. I've rescued and repaired about three or four sets since I arrived home from the con last night, and I think one has been completely sorted, base and all, and survived intact. Though like I said, I have only opened one of the four bags. XD

This, albeit blurry picture should give you some idea of how they were packaged. I am not impressed, but then I knew it was coming I guess .o.

I will definitely be repairing and cleaning up every set of zukan that it is feasible for me to repair and clean, if I come across a set that has been bought and has damage to it, I will contact the owner and we can discuss how you'd want me to repair it, or if you want me to repair it at all.
I'll happily offer that for free~
As I said I have already repaired some sets, so now comes the tedious task of sorting over 200 zukan sets. Please bear with me folks it's going to be a long week~ ^^;

Amecon was awesome, and I had so much fun, but I am so shattered so I may be half dead for atleast another day XD
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