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***Pikabulbachus 3 days-auction!*** o^-^o

Hi all ^^ I make an auction now for many customs (figures,paintings,drawings) from me - and for the very rare niue 2001 bulbasaur coin (MIP!)

The auction starts NOW and will end in 3 days! (on september 3, 2013 at midnight ~ middle european time)
Happy bidding and good luck :3

~ I´m making the comments now - so please do not bid yet thanks ^^ ~
Look under the cut for rules, pics & prices!
[:3 click here :3]


Gifs- Sales permission granted on May 28, 2013 from godudette
              - My feedback: "http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu"
Gifs- I live in germany and I ship worldwide!
              - I accept Paypal only
              - All prices are without shipping costs or paypalfees!
              - I´m not responsible for damaged or lost items. If you want insurance, please tell me!
              - Please note that international shipping can take 2-4 weeks or longer in exception!

          - All things comes from a smokeless and dog-/catless home (I only have gerbils :3)
              - No sniping please!
              - Use bid increasements of 1$ or more
GifsShipping costs (in every country!)
            - Flats: 2$
            - Non-flats or large things: 4,50$
            - Purchases over 500g: 9,00$

~ these shipping costs counts for EVERY country/state in the world :) ~

The items!
Very rare 1$ niue coin 2001 with bulbasaur. Mint in package - was never been open! Package is in very good condition! No bends or scratches!!
2013-06-22 15.15.51front
2013-06-30 16.53.51 - Kopieback

Sometimes I like to draw some manga style pics. I use a papersheet and draw them with black ink, without sketches.
But I don´t know what I can do with them xD So I give it up for auction. I will auction off all 2 sheets together.
2013-08-04 18.52.41
2013-08-04 18.53.02
2013-08-25 12.59.07
This is an old custom figure made by me - a shiny espeon with a sun accessoire ^-^
The figure and the bracelet are both made with an air-drying modelling clay, are painted with acryl colors
(and metall effect acryl colors for the green color of espeon) and are finished with a glossy laque.
They´re only for decoration and not for playing with, because they can broke.

More pics:
2013-08-25 13.01.32
2013-08-25 13.01.36
2013-08-25 13.02.32
2013-08-25 13.02.43
2013-08-25 13.02.50
2013-08-25 13.03.00
2013-08-25 13.03.05
2013-08-25 13.03.08
2013-08-25 13.27.52
This is a little (ca. 1,5") cute bulbasaur figure made with fimo, paint with acryl colors and finished with glossy laque.
This figure will not break and it is waterproof!
More pics:
2013-08-25 13.28.03
2013-08-25 13.28.44
2013-08-25 13.28.51
This is my cute butterfree pair with caterpie baby :) Also like bulbasaur its a small figure (ca. 1,5 - 2"),
made with fimo, paint with acryl and finished with a glossy laque! Its totally break resistent and waterresistent.
2013-09-01 14.11.02
2013-09-01 14.11.09
2013-09-01 14.11.23
2013-09-01 14.11.28
2013-09-01 14.11.32
2013-09-01 14.11.37
2013-09-01 14.11.52
Here is a new canvas from me. Cute plant/bug typ pokemon with autumn colors. Made with watercolors (aquarell)
and finished with aquarell fix spray!
2013-09-01 14.14.57
2013-09-01 14.15.04
2013-09-01 14.15.10
2013-09-01 14.15.21
Various postcards made by me! All are made with watercolors on aquarellpostcards.
Some are finished with holo (diamantglitter) and some are only with gold ink.
They´re all very good quality! The glitter ones are finished with acryl relief

2013-09-01 14.18.23
this is the backside of each postcard. It can be a littlebit dirty from painting.
2013-09-01 14.17.03
2013-09-01 14.17.16
2013-09-01 14.19.05
2013-09-01 14.17.47
2013-09-01 14.21.15
2013-09-01 14.21.21
2013-09-01 14.18.04
Here is a cute little book featured a big oddish pokedoll on the front and a little walking oddish on the backside!
The book is made by me with acryl colors and finished with nail polish. It is totally waterproof aso.! I have used this little book
for my smaller flat things. Normally the book is for stamps.
2013-09-01 14.25.16
2013-09-01 14.24.39back
2013-09-01 14.26.19front

2013-09-01 14.24.59
2013-09-01 14.25.04
Thats all! Thank you for looking and happy bidding!! :3
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