Finnie (finniee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Is Umbreon real?

Hey pkmncollectors! So, I have had this Umbreon Pokédoll for... years. I was given him by my dad for Christmas one year (anywhere from 2001 to 2005?, I can't be sure ;n;). Usually I wouldn't bother asking whether he's a bootie or not - BUT when I got him, I remember thinking the tag on his tummy was annoying, so I chopped it off (erk.) as well as his paper tag, and they're both long gone unfortunately. When my dad found out, he was pretty annoyed and said Umbreon had "cost a lot of money". My dad is the kind of guy where if he was going to buy just any old Umbreon, he'd click 'price + P&P - lowest', so this makes me curious! So I'm hoping someone can help. :D

I used to carry him around everywhere, so he's quite piled. He also has very narrow bases on his ears, BUT I think this is because I've hugged the stuffing out of him. His shape seems pretty good to me, and I've been looking at some of the booties on eBay and he lacks the general... derpness of them, but maybe bootleggers were trying harder back then lmao, who knows.
Tags: umbreon
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