Derby J. (kadabraluci) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Derby J.

Lil Sis wanting Plushies

Okay, so.... I have this amazing adorable 10 year sister.
She REALLY wants to get more poke'mon merch and LOVES plushie like an child. XD

I'm looking for someone who accepts CASH THROUGH MAIL because she wants to use her own money and her being 10 years old she obviously doesn't have a paypal. I was hoping to find something for her that is $5 shipped. I've been seeing a lot of plushies for around that price.

Yes, they can be in a loved condition, without tags, and bootlegs. She doesn't really care.

My sisters favorite pokemon are:
- Umbreon
- Mudkip
- Ninetails
- Vulpix
- Psyduck (shes a psyduck fan like me ;_; <3)

EDIT: She also is looking for posters so feel free to offer those too. :)
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