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Intro Post

Hi, my name is Kimbo and I like to eat pokemon.

I'm kidding. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with faiarrow and the famous (and delishious) caekmin. Pretty much it's Cally's fault I love pokemon and admittedly my collection isn't that big compared to some of you guys, but I thought I'd share.

My plush collection. I love Dragon (yayquaza especially) types or BURD types. :D I have a Ho-oh but I forgot to take it's picture. D:

My pride plush, Velvet-lga.

I have a couple of Zukans and now I am addicted. Aerodactyl used extremespeed and beat up my Tomcat. D:

The lonely kid I own (soon to change) and some cool figures I found/bought at discount department stores.

I like Salamence. :D

OH AND THE SHAME OF MY COLLECTION: My mum found this bootleg Pikachu that knows a disturbing TM: vibrate. It vibrates. And makes a buzzing sound. I. Hm. Yeah. I keep it because it's so disturbing. It's vibrate setting beats my iPhone. I wish my Vibra-chu could answer calls, then I might not miss them so often. %D

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