Whitney (wobbuwhit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick want + Target preorder goodie

Hi everybody! It's been a horrifically long time since I've been on here x_x I went through some crazy RL changes and a few months ago had to downsize my collection significantly, which broke my heart. But I'm slowly starting to accumulate more goodies once again, as well as expand what I'm collecting, which I will detail in another post (hopefully) sometime soon.

Right now I'm trying to get things together for my first ever Pokemon cosplay. I'm going to Izumicon in November as my favorite character, Touko/White/Hilda or whatever you'd like to call her :) I'm trying to go over the top with the details while still staying on a college/part-time job budget, which leads me to this:

This is a "Pokedex Girl's Trainer Kit." While the whole thing is adorable, I'm just trying to get the Pokedex! There are a few on Amazon and eBay for $30+, and I was wondering if I could find one even a little cheaper here, because I hate to drop that kind of money for just one little thing that will be in my bag or my pocket most of the time. I'm after the Pokedex but if it comes in the whole set then great :)

Also, very quickly, I reserved X and Y at Target yesterday and they are now giving away pins of Xerneas and Yveltal with the pre-orders! Here is a link that shows them: http://www.nintendonews.com/3ds/pokemon-x-pokemon-y-target-offering-pre-order-bonuses/ I hadn't heard about this until I saw them in store yesterday so I thought I would share the news! Sorry if it's already old news and I'm just behind XD

Thanks so much guys!
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