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Remove_Replace's GA Payment 2, and Comparison Shots~

Hey guys! Payment 2 is ready. :D You will have up to a week to pay this, but please realize that paying sooner is definitely better, because I start school in a few days, and that will limit how quickly I can get packages out. So please pay ASAP! <3

This post concerns the following people:
abbeymew, at_the_porno bacentrekkes cinivala daughterjudy eeveenw erinthom394 ferix8 finniee howshocking jenksss jimgagax3 johnnytoon larvitarscar lucario mandysaurus_rex moolerb nidorinas nysaurus pokemontrader, sanatonya, suzanneespeon, tofughost, ubi_chan, zugagirl

-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Feedback can be seen here.
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA
-You have a week to send Payment 2. If you need longer, please let me know ASAP!

Please send payment to vevo374[at]yahoo[dot]com. When sending payment, please put your username and Remove_Replace GA Payment 2 in the memo! You have to do this or I will really get confused and then there will be issues with shipping! Don't confuse me, guys. ;A; After sending payment, please comment here letting me know that you have so I can mark you off as paid. Order will be important since during school, I'll probably only be able to take a few packages at a time, and people who pay earlier will get their package out faster!

Spreadsheet can be seen here.

If you have the shipping method next to your payment amount, just let me know if you're okay with that shipping method or would prefer something else. If you don't have the method next to the amount, your package is either in a bubble mailer or bubble wrap + plastic mailer.

To eeveenw specifically- Cyndaquil has a detached tag, would you like me to include a plastic loops for you to reattach the tag? Also, would you like me to attempt to sew Palkia's crown together?

Here are extras, open to participants and non-participants. For participants, please do not pay yet if you're claiming extras! I have to give you a new total of course~ <3 Everything is .25 before shipping and fees for participants and .50 for non-participants.

image (55)

image (56)

-Empty Pokeball and damaged Kanghkan are free

image (57)

-Turtwig is a Bootleg/Factory Reject

So, I wanted to do a little post about the Phanpy I got in my GA. For those of you who missed it in the GA itself, the 2002 Phanpy Pokedoll in the lot is possibly one of the first pokedolls ever. You can read more about it here.

After a request from Remove_Replace, we decided (more like she told me and I listened XD) to put a comparison shot to the comm of my 2002 Phanpy and my 2005 version. Please excuse the fact that my 2005 Phanpy is in very loved condition. ^^;

(Left is 2005, right is 2002)

There are some pretty noticeable differences from the front. The 2002 Phanpy does have a "bulkier" look and feel to him, and also has the shorter snout. There's also color differences but I'm pretty sure that's just because my 2005 phanpy is so loved and a bit dirty. ^^;

(Left is 2005, right is 2002)

Here you can see the shape differences in the snouts, angle of the ears, and the legs. My 2005 Phanpy has his front legs closer to his back legs, which is the reason he faceplants sometimes. My 2002 Phanpy faceplants a little still, but way less.

(Left is 2005, right is 2002)

Here you can see the different tush tags (2005 has the traditional loop tush tag, 2002 has a flat paper tag), and also 2002's "bulkier" shape. Also, the ears are just a little higher on the 2002.

Here you can see how the tush tags compare (you can veeery faintly read my 2005 Phanpy's tush tag in real life, but it's impossible to see in the photo). It might seem like a tiny difference, but when I picked up Phanpy in person, it took me by surprise. It's actually pretty noticeable. XD

If anyone has any other info or pictures of any of these special paper tush tag Pokedolls, I'd love to see it <3

So, that's it for today! ^^ Thanks everyone~
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