fasia_phage (fasia_phage) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Welcome home wailord~!

Been meaning to do a post about wailord for a while, bought him from the community a while back from meowllz! thank you again~! I have been so busy with packing and dorm shopping that I haven't had time to post about the poor guy yet! haha! But since I move tomorrow, I have packed all of my stuff accept my computer so I thought now would be the perfect time to run this post! :D So I bought this adorable custom wailord off of meowllz about a month ago now I would say, well shipped, everything was in tact and it arrived in good time. I like to compliment good sellers. :) However, it did arrive in enough bubble wrap and plastic to survive the apocalypse! XD Anyway, he is actually quite well made and surprisingly accurate, I decided to name him Long lord because of his perhaps slightly lengthy body. :3 But the more I look at it, the more it looks accurate. Maybe I am just growing accustomed to him? ANYWAY~! I am proud to say that Long lord has arrived at his loving forever home with me, and joins the ranks of my wail army! mwahaha!


P.S Would have liked to have taken more pictures, but since Long lord is now packed away, the only photo I have of him is a photo alongside some of my Fan Expo spoils, as he conquered this con with me~ <3 embrace the worms and bones home made horrors in the background or ignore them, this is for you to decide, but they are totally awesome!
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