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My special Vaporeon and help!!

Hello, 12mermaid here and this is me and my vaporeon plushie that my boyfriend got me :D I absolutely love her! :) Haven't given her a nickname yet though, any sugguestions? hehe.

alaska 1055

wants, enter if you dare! haha
1.Vaporeon star card 102/108 don't want to spend more than 25 dollars total
2.vaporeon japanese trainer magazine promo 2 - willing to spend good amount for this one
3. vaporeon butt scooting key chain- willing to spend under 40 dollars total
4.vaporeon clear file 2009- willing to spend 40 total
5. pokemon center 2012 chupa surprise pokeball vaporeon figure - I don't know what these usually run
6.pokemon 1997 vaporeon tomy plastic figure ( or one with it sitting and the tail in front of it.) - I don't know what these usually run
7. pokemon center 2012 eevee collection binder vaporeon promo card- 16 dollars max on this
8. pokemon 1995 topsun holofoil vaporeon card- I don't know what these run
9. vaporeon 034 diamond and pearl majestic dawn card -4 bucks max
10. tomy Japanese pokemon fall in eevee friends figure- I don't know what these run (should be getting this soon!!!!)
11. vaporeon Bandai full color stadium figure ridding wave- I don't know what these run
12. vaporeon Bandai full color stadium figure clear with tail flung up
13. This - http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/eevee_evs_lover/31296616/122964/122964_300.jpg
Any help where I could find these items or how much they may cost would be greatly appreciated :D! also I figured out how to use the cut AND I am in the process of trying to get a paypal :D! exciting :D

Tags: cards, figures, vaporeon
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