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I've had a really bad past few days...

... and I'm glad that this comm is here. Everyone seems so nice to each other. you guys really make an effort to make everyone feel included, and I feel at home here even though I've only been here a couple months.

A reminder that I'll be at NC Comicon November 9-10th! I'll be selling Pokemon, My Little Pony, Studio Ghibli, Marvel, and DC Comics related items and plush. My prices are at all ranges, from $5 posters, $10 hand drawn and sealed hard plastic keychains, $15-$45 handmade plushies, and $140-$170 handmade plushies. (I also grabbed some bootie pokedoll plushies and sewed bow and flower charms and keychains to them, so that I could have a cheaper $10 (and partially handmade) plush option at my table. The rest of the table will be all handsewn by me!)

Note: I have a Shiny Umbreon in this pattern too! Haven't uploaded it though. (Any more pokes you think would look good in this patten? I'm also thinking Charmander)

This Whimsicott is like a giant pillow! She's 14" tall.

And lots of filly ponies!

Anyone planning to go? I'd love to see you guys... I'm thinking of doing a Sylveon gijinka one day and Korra the next (though I will be stuck at my table selling things)

Also if you have any custom plush ideas tell me! Especially if you are going to be there :)
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