Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i have a bunch of updates (and hopefully pics from otakon if my peeps come through... :OOOO my camera died the first hour so i had to rely on friends ;-;) including loot from the con and stuff that was waiting for me... so ill update bit by bit!

first...... my three gym leaders from ichigo pan!!! also - a strange new raichu toy!?

hi! i am volkner of sunyshore gym, confirmed to NOT be abandoning my city thanks to the new platnium commercial labeling me as a gym leader still, but pleasing all ignitionshippers as i was paired with flint.... well, there you have it!
(the mini luxray i got at the con, ill post better pics in tomorrows update ;D)

IT IS I........ BATMAN

you aren't batman, dad ._. you just have a filthy cape.

the gang!
(guess who got pacificpikachus giant elekid pillow?)

also! check out this new rai-ddition! it looks like my KFC raichu figure, only flat! how cute!!!
Tags: custom, plush
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