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grail get! woot! + plush collection update!

Hey everyone today I got my -most wanted plush ever- and I'm really excited! Its so SOFT! -ahem- Anyway this means its time for a picture story!! Just under the cut ^-^

WARNING: Image heavy! I got carried away xDDD!

Type your cut contents here.

It was a "random weather day" when the rain stopped and started and then thunder and lightening came and so on...

Fuzzy Lugia Plush(FLP): I'm SO bored can I go now? My eyes are hurting!!
Big Lugia Plush(BLP): Shush! We are waiting for the second best plushie ever!
Small Lugia Plush(SLP): Who's the first?
BLP: Obviously me! See "BLP stands for "Best Lugia Plush"
SLP + FLP: -.-
BLP: Lets go downstairs.

FLP: o.0 whats that black van doing outside our house?
SLP: Its a MURDERER he wants to kill us!!!!!
BLP: Shut up that- OMG THATS THE MAIL MAN!! He's here!!

FLP: Thats a big box!
BLP: Well duh....
SLP: Who's inside?
BLP: Idiot baby lugia! Go get the sharp scissors!
SLP: But I'm a baby, I shouldn't get sharp things!
-FLP starts chewing on the box-

SLP: Got them ~~*
BLP: So what? Now open it up!
???: MMMMmmmf! ----a-----i-----r!
SLP: Who said that?
BLP: A ghost -.-
SLP: ...
BLP: Don't stand there open it!
SLP: >.>
--So SLP cut the sticky tape and soon enough they began using their heads to open the box, literally.--

BLP: Who knew opening a package was so HARD work!
SLP: I know!!
FLP: Haha you can't see me!
BLP: STOP playing and HELP us!
FLP: ...

BLP: Here have air while we get the rest of you out.
???: -gag- Thanks....
FLP: Let me see!
BLP: No.

???: What??

BLP: Your... GIANT.
???: Hi! I'm the Giant Lugia Plush, but just call me GLP for short.
BLP: oK... Hi GLP...
GLP: Hola!

FLP: I was in the box all along!
SLP: ..wut?
-BLP glomps GLP-
GLP: Glad to see some fellow Lugia's here ^^

This is the Giant Lugia Plush ever! I'm so happy to finally have him after a long wait search and its all thanks to the community and the seller! Thankyou!!! Words cannot express how I'm feeling right now ^v^!! Lets carry on with the story though.... ^^

GLP: Now I need somewhere to call my resting spot.-looks up-
Dialga: Palkia have you seen the size of that thing?
Palkia: Its looking at us o.0
Dialga: It better not want our area!

Whisper approves of Giant Lugia Plush -kiss- however....

Whisper: WTF IS this?

FLP: Can I sniff your head?
GLP: Umm...ok...
BLP: I'm the ruler of this place so dun steal it.
GLP: ...
SLP: Will I be bigger than you?
GLP umm...

Poor GLP so many questions at the same time >v<. Oh and by the way...

GLP stole my computer seat T.T
GLP: Canna go on anything I want?
FLP: Yeah! Go on the cookie channel!
Latios: Hi welcome to the computer area, me and Latias have claimed this area but feel free to use the computer!
GLP: Ah.. ok! Thanks!

A picture from behind I love the fins they are so beautiful!

BLP is starting to feel left out.
BLP: Excuse me!!! I want attention give it me now! I'm the ruler of this place!

Moltres: zOMG.
Articuno: Its true!
Zapdos: He's huge!
GLP: Hey fellow bird pokemon! I'm GLP!
Articuno: Hai! I'm Articuno and this is Moltres and Zapdos nice to meet you!

A group shot of all my Lugia plushies and legendary birds ^^



Its been months when I actually shown my collection so here it is now ^^

Heres some close ups of the plushies! As you are probably aware theres some there that are hiding like the talking maril etc but you can see the majority of them ^-^ Gosh was it hard trying to place it all together! I didn't put all my pikachu plush on because that would just make the picture look insane! LOL.

Hope the cut works! Thanks for reading ^^

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