Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Caved on Rumble U figures, trade?

Hi! So I caved in after seeing all the posts with Rumble U figures everywhere, and went to GameStop to pick up a couple. I only bought 2 with fantasies of getting a Mew or Eevee. Alas I got neither D: What I got was a Piplup and a Mewtwo. I think I will give Mewtwo to my boyfriend.

So, hoping to trade Piplup or Deoxys for a Mew Eevee or Pikachu! If you're interested please leave a comment! Thank you!

Information you may want: I don't have sales permission right now, but I do have more than 10 feedback. Here is my community feedback:

Edited: Went back and pulled another piplup, Deoxys, Mew <3, and Bulbasaur. Also trades within the US only please.
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