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Major Want

Hi, everybody!

I'm looking to commission a stamp to use for work. If there are any stamp makers on the comm, I would love it if you can get in contact with me. The "stamps" tag has let me see many collections of stamps, but the only stamp commission post I found was very old. I have a budget of 20$, including shipping, but am willing to go higher depending on quality and experience in making stamps, or stamp location. A very nice pkmncollector member messaged me and told me to try a polymer stamp kit, as it involves no sharp objects, so I ordered one.

If that fails. I will have to try and be crafty myself, and I am a terrible crafts person, so please don't make me do that ;___; On the chance I resort to desperation and try this myself,

On that note, I'm now looking to commission a very simple line art to use as the design of the stamp. For this I have a budget of 5~10$. I'm not looking to go higher than 10$, as it's not a very complex design I'm asking for and doesn't need any special things like color. You don't even need to ship it as I will probably screw up trying the first few times, so I'd like a digital copy.

Please feel free to comment on this post or PM me <3 I don't get email notifications for new comments/messages, so please don't comment and then delete.

Long wall of text! Also looking for self inking stamps.
Tags: stamps, wanted
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