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A request, gets and wants :)

Hey comm! ^^

I have a question for you today and as a reward
I'll show you some neat gets! Or you can skip the question part and just look at the stuff, but I highly appreciate if you'd take the time to just look at it :) You might be able to help me ^^

Thanks you guys <3 I thought I was asking too much, but you really are amazing ^^ I have 2-3 offers now so I'm good :D Just enjoy the gets now ^^

Preview of what awaits:


Ok so I'm going to make a rather big Pokevault order soon and I'm asking if anyone has a valid Pokevault cupon I could get the code for. Naturally I'll swap you the one I'll get in my order that I'm going to use yours for, so I'd send you my own cupon code in about a week or so. I could send money as a deposit in the meantime if you’d like the reassurance :)

I think also if you haven't already you'll still get a free cupon emailed to you if you like the pokevault facebook page. If that’s something any would do. It might be a bit much to ask since being able to get a cupon whenever is extremely useful. But if you by any chance do not plan on buying anything from pokevault and would help me by doing this I’d love you! :3 And try to find a way to repay you while still saving money, since that’s the meaning of this act in the first place :3 I might still have something I could offer you! Like say an espeon or leafeon ippai figure? Amada or Pan stickers maybe? Or something! :D

I could just really need one for my upcoming order. And yeah, I like ordering some things from Brian despite the higher prices ;) I've gotten a lot of things from him before I joined the comm so it's just natural for me to still order from him some things that I don't get off Y!J. Often it gets to the same prices with the domestic shipping and usage fees anyway so yeah :)

NEVER MIND! :D Found one! (or 3 xD) Thanks guys <3

Ok at first I was just going to show off one very important Glaceon get, but I decided to include much more! :D Since I keep procastinating my collection showcase (I'm never satisfied with display, waiting for things ect.) I'll show you some of my most special gets this spring and also all my non-eevee plushies. Even though I had no job this summer I managed to win a very important item in an auction on Y!J (that I saved for last muahaha >:3 Hint it's on the bulletin board).

The pics look a little like a gathering of random items, so if you want to check out what pokemon I collect, a summary of those can be found here :)

First off: Plush chair ^^

These are moslty my non eevee plush and also my brand new Sylveon with Eevee pokedoll Plushie! She's amazing and so much better than I expected even, ahh I'm in love <3 The Vulpix canvas was my first pokemon purchase ever and only plush I have of my 2. favourite pokemon, in other words a very special plush of mine <3 My little baby <3 I adore all of them so much, but the 1:1 Victini is pretty amazing! Thanks poke_zula for helping me find my Buttwings (that's her nickname) And then there's the gorgeous Pokemon Time Growlithe that is the cutest puppy you'll ever see, seriously. I can't get over how adorable it is and very much want the gorgeous Ponyta to accompany Growlithe :D

Thanks also to
joltzapvire for Growlithe canvas, elisha1288 for Raichu and to darkangellilith and shirohikarikaze for the Deerlings and to denkimouse for the eevee pillow ^^ Love them all <3

Next: Figures <3

I'm quite proud of and feel very lucky to have the rarer ones like the Leafeon Chupa Chups figure (my grrraill <3), shiny beasts MC +, talky Vulpix, clear Flareon kid ect.

Thanks so much to
miniterasu for selling me her talky Vulpix of her childhood!!! I love it so much, she is such a beauty! I realize I'm very lucky to have been the first to ask about her since I know quite a few are wanting one. It's sad they're so hard to find. Any Vulpix lover deserves one of these. The sculpt is just gorgeous, so unique.

Also a big thanks to rypeltajaroll for Jolteon chibi stamper, to dialny for the adorable eevee clipping figure, agui_chan for the beautiful clear Flareon kid, helloskitty for the precious poochyena w/pokeball strap, doryphish333 for shiny suicune baby and schenzi for mystery small beasts ^^ Again huge thanks to cardwhale for my Leafeon baby <3 And a special thanks to poke_zula for sending me Vappy strappy as a gift when she knew I was broke and aching for eeveelus <3

Moving on to some lovely 151 badges of my kanto fire babies that I love so much ^^ Thanks so much raz2b for Vulpix and Ponyta, my only 1st edition badges :D

They're so pretty :3

Tokyohobby where selling these puzzles for about $5 each so I quickly grabbed a set in case they'd sell out before I would prioritize it. How stupid does that sound :P Let's just say I decided to prioritze it right away xD They have such lovely *jumping out of pokeball* poses ^^ And a showa note envelope set snuck in. I love the eeveelopes! The forest and scene is just like the eevees' natural habitat (in my head)

And you need a set of drinking glasses and coasters to Happy Party Time! ;D I seriously can't get over how funny it sounds - let's Happy Party Time! :D Sounds like some J-pop lyrics something!
Next on my list are dessert bowls. Any Happy Party needs dessert bowls :3 My favourite dessert that I eat every day is jello with vanilla souce since I'm 4 years old x) I have so many childish traits haha. But the bottom line is I need the bowls for jello and other treats ^^ I'm also a sucker for chocolate. Did anyone say chocolate mousse? :D My bowls and I will soon be ready...To Happy Party Time! :D

Next up is a specific collecting objective of mine. I want everything with this art ^^


It was very hard to get a good pic of the game case and the overwiev picture with all the stuff got long and weird when I tried to fix the size. I give up and post them as they are, but these things look much better in person ;)

I'm still hunting for diaries/notebooks and DS accessories with this eeveelution Pokemon Center artwork. I want it soo badly :3 I just adore the artwork so much as well as the lovely items they made.

I was so perplexed when I found the clipboard though! I didn't even know this was how alle those items were originally packed. I had seen most of the stuff, but I didn't know they came together as a set! I actually don't think I knew about the clip board, but I had seen a similar diary I was dying to get. i considered all these things mini grails for a long while. (Not only do I adore the art I also LOVE stationary and before the recent eevee promos, there weren't much around other than this!)

Imagine my joy when I saw this set! it felt like finding a grail I didn't even know existed and I got everything I wanted ^^
It's MIP and absolutely gorgeous <3 I can't bring myself to open it, it's too perfect!

And it came with a just as beautiful sister:
Oh sweet Arceus, eeveelu and friends pokedoll clip board??? It's so colorful, so pretty, so amzingly chibi and cute ^^ Like with the other I don't plan on opening it, it's just too holy. It will get a nice display for it and the eeveelu pokedoll figures when I can find a set for a reasonable price <3

And now the moment you've all been waiting for :D Haha I don't know about that, but I certainly have! This is so HUGE for me ^^ Look at the bottom of my new bulletin board:


What are those blue pikachu heads over the 2009 charm set? :O Can it really be?

Yup! Glaceon joined my Leafeon!!! <333 :D
I never thought I would find Glaceon this quickly after winning my leafeon from cyritic’s auctions this winter ^^
I was so lucky I had managed to pull off a few sales on ebay and had the money at the right time considering I almost didn't have any money this summer :D

They are simply amazing, really beautiful charms <3 (thanks again cyritic, for Leafeon!) And they kind of match the old johto set even though they're quite a lot smaller. It's the same pokemon center art style though that I find so lovely. I still almost can't believe I finished the set of two, but here they are ^^ Finally mine <3

And as a bonus (since I forgot earlier) Here's my new eevee necklace that came with the Glaceon charm and Sylveon plush from FromJapan yesterday ^^

It's still in it's plastic, but I plan on wearing this religiously in the future <3 It's absolutely lovely! ^^

chupa glaceon
(I think the picture is winterwish's?))

I'm always looking for the Glaceon Chupa chups figure. If you have it, I will pay very generously!

I'm also looking for a a mint Electrike Tomy figure these days. I know they're hard to find, but nevertheless I want to ask. I also need an Entei Moncolle plus figure.

My full wants list can be found right here is you care to take a look ^^ I'd appreciate it <3


...yup! I think this is why I post so little, I write way too much when I get started. Thanks soo much for looking <3 I really hope I didn't bore you too much with my rambling!

Until next time - I promise! Soon I'll show you all of my eevees and other doggies, there's so much more - Take care you all <3 ^^
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