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Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Collection Photos + favorites!

Collection photos under the cut, with details of my favorite items, I needed to get my mind off something today so this is going to seem long winded.. Image heavy be warned

The whole layout..

First off the Suicunes! I havnt had a collection update with them inawhile, but Suicune is still one of my all time top favorites. I would have to say my favorite item is the TOMY plush I recieved from warandromance some time ago, I was able to sew new diamonds and tails for him as they had fallen off in the wash. It means a lot to me ^^ It is followed VERY closely in 2nd place for the large TOMY vinyle figure which I have never seen for purchase since snaggin ghim from linaalba awhile ago.

Next up is the shinx/luxrays, buneary/lopunny minicollection, poochies, and shroomish/breloom!

Newest addition to shinx is the bobble head (thanks rinkatink :3 ) My favorite from this bunch would have to be my "special" luxray UFO I received from regen~! Im a sucker for these kinds of things, if you look closely at the luxray UFO You will notice she is missing on of her yellow ear circels. She was made that way ^^ I think its very unquie and special so yay for one-of-a-kind luxrays!

My favorite item from my shroomish collection would have to be the stamp from castform. Its so angry and adorable xD I like attacking my friends with it who have also taken a strong liking to the little mushroom thanks to my persuasivness x3

And my poochies, it would have to be the TOMY mightyena figure, often mistaken for a kids figure! (the sitting figure) I got this from lineaalba and at the time I wasnt activly collecting the poochies even thought they were always one of my favorites. This little guy jump started a collection that has seen many new additions over a short period of time :3


Now for houndour/doom and absols! (ignore the raichus they get their big photo next) lone skymin pokedoll, mews and charizard.

Its pretty hard to choose my favorite hound item, Im pretty partial to all of them! But I think if I had to choose just one, it would be the zukan. I had wanted it every since I joined this community and found out about it! Through many bid wars, and sales posts I always came up short..finally it appeared on YJ recently and I nabbed it- and for a bargain too! Finally the zukan is mine :3

My favorite absol item has to be the minicot I recently recieved from pheonixxfoxx! My very first minicot, and let me say these ARE indeed mini!!



Next issss CHUUUS :3

My favorite raichu hands down is the big UFO plush. This is all thanks to Gin, she won a YJ auction so I wouldnt have to use crappy SMJ and pay crazy amounts of fees/shipping and wait long time.

My favorite pikachu item is the shiny hasbro figure. I like shiny pokemon and when I came across this I was so excited! I love his serious exspression you dont see that on pika merch too often.



Next are the mighty eevees and eeveelutions (and lotads!). They consume a whole shelf of maddness.


We'll start with my favorite eeveelution, that rivals suicune for my favorite pokemon: Umbreon, Umbreon also shares space with lotad x3

I pretty much like all of my umbreon merch equally, but Im going to choose the pokedoll as my favorite. My mom actually got me the set the christmas before the pokemon center closed up. This is special to me as she not only hates the internet, but hates pokemon as well. e.e; So that meant a lot to me.

Lotads! They stack things, and its kinda become a joke with me and my friends ^^; My favorite item has to be the stackable (no seriously) in case figure I got from pheonixxfoxx. Its perfect!


Leafeon Glaceon and Espeon

not much with these guys. But the item that most stands out is espeon's pokedoll. This was my last poke doll I needed to complete my collectin (as the set my mom had gotten me was the one that did not include espeon) 216handsbound came to the rescue! She had and extra one from when she bought one for herself, and later her bf got her the whole set espeon included! She sold it to me for a mere 10 dollars which is what she purchased it for. It was nice of her considering an espeon fetches around 40+ on ebay!! I figured I would never have one. Thank you again Gwen!

Now Im really wanting the espeon friends...



Eevees + original eeveelutions!

my favorite is the eevee bobble head. I got it from YJ. It's so charming and cute ;3; followed closly by life size TOMY plush.

My favorite eeveelutions item would be the jolteon friends plush. I simply adore how cute it is, the felt and just..everything. soooo teeny!!



Lastly here's rinkatinks package with the new shinx bobble head. Look at that ADORABLE picture!! I squeeked when I opened the mail box :3


/whew that was long. sorry but it really helped today.

Now to work .-.

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