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So, I'm annoying. Anyone want to see Zukan pictures? :D

Step 1: find a large workspace where figures wont skid or roll away!

Step 2; Find a highlighter pen, a biro and a nice stack of small post-it notes.

This was at about midday.

This was half an hour ago!

Anything with a green dot on the post-it is damaged and/or missing pieces. Everything that hasn't is either complete, or 'first look' complete, i.e. no broken pieces of pegs visible in the base or the figures.

Anyone who knows their figure is broken by looking at the pic, talk to me, do you want me to attempt to fix it or do you want me to send it to you as it is?
As I stated originally, I can't refund for broken figures. My money's gone, into the auction. The best I can do is cleanups.
Thankyou all for your help and patience :3

ALSO anyone who has any of the zukan that look like they don't have pegs, can you please measure/take photos of the pegs/describe the peg types? I have a small ziplock bag of loose pegs I need to match up, and they are all wierd and wonderful shapes I have never encountered before!

Thankyou, you are all wonderful, and goodnight from me ^___^
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