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Swinging on a Star GA Final Payment

Alright everyone, shipping totals are ready for the metal swing keychains! Participants please look below and there are four extras still available to add, open to everyone!

The first thing I wanted to mention was something that a few of you might have been curious about were the unknown swings. We had four unknown swings. We also had one swing improperly labeled (the rest of our Pokemon guesses were correct). We had guessed one was Fearow, but it actually turned out to be Weezing. This one was bid on by no one.

piplup bid on and won one of the unknowns - someone later guessed it as Machamp and it did indeed turn out to be Machamp,

bacentrekkes bid on and won the other three; they turned out to be Wigglytuff, Mewtwo, and... wait for it... waaaait for it... JOLTEON!

(Luckily, for those of you who know I collect that spiky bastard of a fox, this is not going to be the tragic love story you might be expecting it to be. I have one myself xD!) But it's definitely a beautiful keychain, so congrats Bacentrekkes on winning it, along with your other two surprises! As well as to you Piplup!

Now let's get to the down and dirty part! *cracks knuckles*

First here's a screenshot of the shipping from SMJ to me:

So, I had a pokedoll figure and a battrio in with the GA, so I figured out what shipping was for just the metal charms was about $9, which makes shipping $0.33 per participant.
Additionally, each participant's bubble mailer is $0.50, with the exceptions of skdarkdragon's and bacentrekkes'. Since your two's are so hefty i'm sending them in larger mailers so yours are $0.75.

Alright, total time!

The following three participants have the following payments due:

skdarkdragon - $4.60
bacentrekkes - $4.42
noctowl - $8.66

For everyone else, your shipping totals are as follows:

US participants: $3.29

International participants: $7.91

Please be sure to notate your LJ name with your payment and any important information you need me to know (holding packages until x date or alternate address), and pay all payments to Jadekitty777(@)aol.com


These guys are open to all!
$0.50 participants/$1.00 for non-participants

Sold:Krabby, Goldeen, Horsea, Weezing
Tags: group auction
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