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My Pokemon obsession >.>

Hello, I am new to pkmncollectors but have come across this community quite often. I finally decided to get a new LJ account and join :) (My old account vanished)

So you guys probably want to know what I collect because why else would I be here? Okay so I love dark type Pokemon but my favorite is Raikou XD dunno why but he is.
So here are photos of all of all my Raikou things official and unofficial.

Okay so little story about the charm to the far left, I wen to Japan in 2009 for a 4 day layover and saw Pokemon charms in a vending machine. I bought 3 in hopes of getting the Raikou you see but all I got were the transparent Entai, solid Suicune, and I don't remember what else :X
So I didn't get the Raikou and was very sad.
Now I met a this woman at a con who also goes by Pacific Pikachu and I emailed her after meeting her and she linked me to Japanese auction of the charm I have been searching 4 years for! Well my dad knew a guy in Japan who was coming over to the US in a few weeks and long story short he won it (only bidder so yay save money!) and free shipping to the US! So happy now 8D

Just need Rocket's Raikou and it's complete (only printed in Japan)

Yveltal Plush I made sayin' Hi. I call him Little Y
My dream is to get the Shiny Raikou Pokedoll but I don't have $300 to drop on a plushie! I'd be willing to make a plush and trade however ;D

Oh also little story about the left most Raikou plush. Okay so I worked a booth at AX with a local Anime store and I got to chatting with one of the customers about Pokemon (we sell the I <3 eevee plushies) I told her that my favorite Pokemon is Raikou and later that day she came back with the plush and gave it to me!!! Oh man I wanted to hug her and cry! Ah she was so kind! I just want her to know that I am super grateful for that.

Pearler Raikou's made by my dear friend meownyow <3

My newest figure and a Raikou themed tin.

So yeah! this is my Raikou collection so far. I have 1 more figure on it's way but this is pretty much it :)
Thank you for looking and I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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