smalldog_jr (smalldog_jr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ToyNk seems to be lagit! finaly got a meowth plushie

Was happy to get my ToyNK merchandise in the mail, I was kinda weary and afraid of the Toynk site not knowing it was lagit. but was happy to get my assaisins creed and Pokémon merch to be authentic :) it was pretty cheap but unfortanatly this cost me 50 bucks a week :/ my parents were tired of seeing boxes come in everyday so all my savings is going to them...I am 20 years old and they are charging me 50 dollars a week rent which is not fair :/ so my happiness for my figures and merchandise was short lived. I think 50 bucks a week is observed, all the money I earned with my summer jobs and normal jobs, are going to my parents and can't go to college anymore because I wont afford it..but none the less I was pleased for my package which contained meowth, the elemental monkeys tomy figures and the assaisins creed kenway family(not Pictured) Toynk seems to be a great site, even though they have a limited selection of pokemon merchandise

Toy NK Merch

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