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Collection update & minor wants.

Hello community! It's been more than a year since my last collection update so I figured I'd post an update to show how much my collection has expanded! Come on in!

This is how my first collection update looked, back in June 2012.

Then things started getting crowded this year. This is how it looked back in early June.
2013-06-11 12.01.01

Until I decided to clear the shelf next to my collection stand and move the plush to their new resting place. This is how my collection looks today.
2013-09-03 17.12.40
Starting with the figures! My Giant Squirtle watches over my entire collection. I like to set up the figures that have all 3 evolutions together in the middle. As of right now I'm still looking for the base for the Wartortle Dex figure and a Blastoise Battle Museum figure preferably with stickers. (My Wartortle's stickers fell off, any tips on whats the best glue to use to reapply?)
2013-09-03 17.17.53
Onto the Kids figures! I think I have pretty much all of the ones I need, except for a few random reissues probably. And I heard there were a few DX figures? Idk I haven't seen much of them.
2013-09-03 17.17.14
And also, I was lucky to receive a Shiny Wartortle Kid!!! If anyone has a Shiny Squirtle or Blastoise, let me know!
2013-09-03 17.17.31
Also, anyone know if there was a Squirtle KFC figure? I have literally found no information on these toys. It would be weird if they made a Wartortle and Blastoise without making a Squirtle.
2013-09-03 17.16.30
Up on the wall are a few charms and keychains. I'm also looking for a Squritle metal swing chain. I won one in a GA but it was heavily faded yellow and silver metal. I wouldn't mind one with tarnished metal, just as long as it's not too yellow.
2013-09-03 17.15.41
Just a quick close up of my Blastoise Pokedoll charm. So cute!!!
2013-09-03 17.19.15
My Squirtle Niue coin!!! I was very lucky to have caught this early! I never thought I would ever own this!
2013-09-03 17.15.51
My D-Arts Blastoise! I love the big guy. He's so detailed and stunning. Also that mini gacha machine is one of the cutest pieces of merch I have ever seen!! It actually works and releases mini gacha balls!
2013-09-03 17.18.36
I also recently got a clear Squirtle puchi chara! Currently looking for a clear Blastoise!
2013-09-03 17.18.20
My Squirtle Rainbow grew a bit, as well as my Wartortle rainbow. Always looking for more colors!
2013-09-03 17.18.08
Now to the plush!! I'm not a huge fan of some Squirtle plushes, since a lot of them look very derpy, but I like the few that I have right now. I do want a few more but I am scared that I would run out of room! I do plan on moving out soon so hopefully I can find more space to set up a proper display.
2013-09-03 17.15.27

That's it! Thanks for looking! To summarize, my high priority wants are:
a Wartortle Dex figure with base
a Blastoise Battle Museum figure with stickers
a Squirtle Metal Swing Chain that's not too faded

Otherwise, here is my updated wants post!

Also! I cannot wait for new merch for Mega Blastoise!!! I love his little hand cannons!

Tags: blastoise, collection, squirtle, wanted, wartortle
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