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Even More Sales and Vectors!

Hi community!
Today I come with some sales! I honestly want most of this stuff out of here so feel free to haggle, but just reasonably please!
Hopefully you guys can get some of this stuff out of my collection.
Speaking of collection, I should be doing one ASAP!

(Snazzy new banner, Feebas in the red bow tie was made by doryphish333 :3)
I can ship everywhere
I ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States. And I am not responsible if you item gets lost in the mail! But if it does get lost, I will offer a 50% refund of your total!
I am a SLOW shipper. If this is a problem to you, its best not you buy from me.
I will do holds but only for 24 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.
All shipping starts at $2.05 (In the U.S.) and $6 to anywhere else
REASONABLE haggling is welcomed.
Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12
When I give you a quote, and you do not respond in the next 10 hours, I will move onto the next person asking for the item
Bolded text means click on the text for more pictures

Blue Basculin MPC, No Hang Tag or Chain- $3

Jirachi Bootleg Pokedoll, a bit dirty from storage- $1.50

MWT Samurott UFO got it at Comicon for $15- SOLD

Loved Dialga Pokedoll- $3

Loved Snorlax Hasbro- $1

Entei Promo Card, has a few creases- $2
Pokemon Red, has sharpie writing on back that says,"Fancy Cat I'm Pretty"... Me and my brother were stupid when we did that... Still works, internal battery is dry :( - $5 OBO I'm a bit attached.

Sylveon Tomy- SOLD

Clamperl Line Zukan, wrong base but correct pegs- SOLD

Celebi Bobble Head- $3

Mareep Tomy, I'm a bit attached- $6
Latios Tomy- $3
Bayleef Tomy- $2

Clefairy Tomy, like new- SOLD
Eevee Figure- $1.75
Snubble Tomy- $1

Seaking Kid- $0.25
Glow-In-The-Dark Minun Kid- SOLD
Cinccino Kid- $1.25

Victini Bottle Cap Figure, missing a finger- $1
Serperior Bottle Cap Figure $2

Pichu V-trainer(?) figure- $1
Clear Orange Seaking Figure- $0.50
Mothim Figure, on the back it has JAKKS on it- $1 (I'm a bit attached xD)

Sandile and Zekrom Jakks- $1 each

Jolteon and Vaporeon Figures, Jolteon has some engravings but they're hard to make out- $1 (Close up of them here and one of Jolteon here)

Clear Ashes- $0.25 Each

Custom Pokeball Bracelet, a bit used, made by herar (?)- $1.50

Houndour Charm- SOLD!
Cubchoo Christmas Charm- SOLD

Also, lately I've been doing some digital art, well not really my art, but have been making vectors of people's plushies and stuff like that:

(caffwin's Shiny Kingdra Pokedoll)

If anyone has any Pokemon sketches they'd like me to do, I'd be happy to vectorize them!
(I'll only take a few requests)

Thanks for looking!
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