Niko-chan (nikochyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

End of exam pokeball sushi

So I just finished all of my mid-semester exams and have been struggling to so much as look at the knee-high pile of assignments that I have due at the end of next week :( Feeling as though my creativity had been stifled, I decided to make some Pokeball sushi for my younger sister and her friends.. Procrastination at it's best.
Here's some that I prepared earlier..

I didn't even think to google a recipe when I first made them, so I ended up just inventing my own as I went along and have improved upon it every consecutive time i've made it. Quite a few people have been asking me how to make them, so just before my exams, I even made a photo tutorial on how to make them following my most recent recipe :D (I've linked the photo tutorial below in case you would like to make your own!)
http://Pokeball sushi photo tutorial

It may sound a little abstract, but in recent times, i've been collecting Pokemon recipes.
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