neutralemotions (neutralemotions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

small collection update

I haven't made a post in awhile, and since I'm not waiting on any packages at the moment, I figured now is as good a time as ever to post an update to my 'saur collection :3 under the cut is plenty of pics:

so, when I joined this community not long ago, my main collection was relatively small:

but after some help from other members of the community, my collection has grown quite a bit already. I just recently cleared off a shelf for them so I'll probably move them around some more
my pokedolls are on the shelf below for now. For now my eeveelutions and raikous and such have to share the other half of the saur shelf until I have more room haha.
i really want more raikous than what i have. I'm really glad I got the full set of eeveelution tomy figures, and the first set of eeveelution ippai figures, I just need the sylveon ippais ;w;
and also my saur plush

Thanks for looking at my collection progress!! I plan to get the venusaur d-arts figure soon. I'm excited to see what sorta merch will be available for mega-venusaur too. Is anybody else really looking forward to plush or figures of the mega pokemon?

also a quick question, what would be a good way of displaying flats like cards on the wall of a shelf, without ruining them with holes or any residue? thanks ^-^
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