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Pokemon Scrapbooking Adventure!

Very long story short, I wasn't having the best of days yesterday, and so I decided that a night of watching my favorite movie (The Mummy) and scrapbooking was in order. And, of course, who better to help scrapbook than Pokemon plush? Not everybody helped, just my little/rare babies, cause I didn't want to to get every body off my bed, especially since I don't think they could have fit on my desk.


004 (2)
Well, Loki (Banpresto Gengar) isn't allowed to handle scissors, and that was the only thing he wanted to do, so I told him he could watch The Mummy. Puddin' (custom Ghastly) does pretty much whatever Loki does, so Puddin' watched the movie too. Dean (Pokemon Time Ponyta) thinks that scrapbooking is lame, and Cas (Umbreon Pokedoll) is also not allowed to handle sharp objects, so they had a movie-watching party.

005 (2)
"I found your scissors!"
Thanks, Gumdrop! (Friend's Poliwag)
006 (2)
Masako (Flareon Pokedoll- American release) and Sammy (Customchu) helped me pick out paper!

007 (2)
And Pumpkin (I <3 Pikachu keychain plush) and Mai (I <3 Eevee keychain plush) just wanted to play with the letters I messed up on!

008 (2)
Gumdrop, what are you doing in my drawer?
"I found your tape!"
Thanks, cutie!

009 (2)
Yasu (Raichu Pokedoll) got a little over-eager with the tape when he and Ayako (Canvas Vulpix) were helping me tape down letters. Or maybe he was just taking an opportunity to be silly. Either way, Ayako is admonishing him for it.

And ... somehow... we got the title page done! I'm scrapbooking recipes!

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