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Hideous Ebay Find + a Community Question

First off, I simply MUST show you a hideous Pikachu find on ebay. Please take a look. It's just... *shudders* My Pika icon is disgusted by this disgrace. ^^;

Also, I think this thread has been done before, but I want to ask it again cuz I find it amusing. :)

What is the Pokemon you thought you'd never collect, but find yourself with hoards of merchandise that feature said Pokemon? I know this happens to us all. It's really quite funny if you think about it. Sometimes it's a little figure, plush, or an appearance in a game or anime episode that changes our entire outlook. ^_^

A pic of you and the Pokemon you chose would be cute, but you don't have to provide one. ^_^

My pokemon?

I fell in love with Groudon the moment I began playing Ruby. :3 I never imagined collecting his merchandise, though. Yet here I am with a TON of awesome Groudon merch, including the grail I'm holding in the pic. <3 What's said in the pic is an ongoing inside joke between me and kaygee84. ;) It's quite entertaining. We're considering making "Dirt Talk" a regular thing on here... but that's still up in the air. At the moment, it's just a funny idea. =P
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