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Taking offers on Full Color Stadium figures

Latest update:
The Full Color figures are $1.00 each from now on. These are from large pictures #5 - #10

9/5/2013 Update:
I have added all the remaining Full Color (FC) miniature figurines. They have the same prices, discounts, rules, and shippings as FCS figures.

I start taking offers on these antiquated but well-crafted Full Color Stadium (FCS) miniature figurines. All figures have lowest prices equal to $2.00. I will sell an item whenever I receive an offer that I wish to accept or there is no more person who is interested in the item. There is no minimum purchase. 10% off the sub-total For every $5.00 increment of item value, $0.50 is subtracted from the total before packaging, shipping, and fees. Domestic shipping starts at $2.50, while international shipping starts at $7.00. Note: charge for packaging has already been included, but not for fees.

- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here:

All Pokemon have the correct bases. Fortunately, I have found a dark green base for Venusaur as well that is not pictured. All Pokemon have a sticker on the back of the base which shows its Move, except for Pokemon in the bottom row, namely Bulbasaur, Charmander, etc.


Please wait for several minutes before I make a thread for each offer.
Done! Start you offer, and I will go and get something to eat. @_@
- Paypal only. My email address is: weizhentian (AT)
- I am a slow shipper and always mail on Saturday.
- I do not accept trades.
- I ship from State College, Pennsylvania, United States to worldwide.
- Your package will be bubble-wrapped and usually mailed out using bubble-padded mailer.
- Shipping charge does NOT include charges for the materials.
- Here is a list of domestic and international shipping charge for common weight.

First-Class Package Domestic Service -

Commercial Base
Weight Not Over (Oz.) Mixed
1 1.69
2 1.69
3 1.69
4 1.86
5 2.04
6 2.21
7 2.39
8 2.55
9 2.73
10 2.9
11 3.08
12 3.23
13 3.38

First-Class Package International Service - Commercial Base
Price Groups
Weight Not Over (Ounces) 1 2 3-5 6-9
1 6.16 6.16 6.16 6.16
2 6.16 6.16 6.16 6.16
3 6.91 8.32 8.88 8.6
4 6.91 8.32 8.88 8.6
5 7.7 10.4 11.48 10.94
6 7.7 10.4 11.48 10.94
7 7.7 10.4 11.48 10.94
8 7.7 10.4 11.48 10.94
12 8.24 12.15 13.41 12.87


More sales of Battrios at

Zukans and stuffed animals at my ebay store
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