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Short but exciting gets post!

Hey guys!
So I was surfing through eBay the other day looking for cool omanyte stuff when I came across a small figure lot. I had never seen this omanyte before, so I figured it was worth a true and placed a bid. I ended up winning with one bid!

When I got the package I was surprised at how big they were! There was nothing on the auction saying size or in the picture to use as a size comparison. I'm so pumped I won it now! I expected something a little bigger or around the same size as my tomy omanyte or a kid, but this guy is a good amount bigger. I still don't know much about omanyte or his friends though. I see now from the bottom of the figure that they are Jakks figures. Does anyone know how common they are? I've never seen an omanyte figure this big before O_O. I would love to have another of the same size!

Anyway, I'll be doing a real collection update soon! I've gotten a ton of new stuff (mainly from the comm ^_^), but I want to wait for one more group auction item to come in before I do a full update. Sorry for the short post! I was just so excited about how big omanyte was and couldn't wait to share!
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